Just merged some integration tests against the C library libgsasl! Validation feels good.

The Dev Communiqué for July 2022 has been released! Major updates this month include an implementation of RFC 9266 and a new tool for finding documentation related issues: opencollective.com/mellium/upd

This month in Prosody trunk development brings a new channel binding method compatible with TLS 1.3. This brings MITM-resistant authentication for modern clients. The older channel binding method was not compatible with TLS 1.3. Many thanks to @mellium for help testing and IETF work on the new RFC and generally pushing things along!

Support for running on Lua 5.1 has been removed, because the subtle differences in language and API was getting in the way of future work.

BTW: in case folks reading this have a cool FOSS project that needs funding, please be aware that we have a deadline for submitting these tomorrow (August 1st) noon.

Don't feel intimidated - it is really light-weight to submit something (you can do it in less than an hour if need be).

Have a look at nlnet.nl/propose -

We just ran integration tests against @prosodyim with channel binding support for TLS 1.3 using RFC 9266 for the first time and all is well! Thanks @zash for the Prosody/LuaSec patches! ci.codeberg.org/mellium/xmpp/b

We've published our first RFC in collaboration with the IETF! It was written to allow Mellium (and now anything else using TLS 1.3) to have an authenticated session that is bound to a specific TLS session. Check it out: rfc-editor.org/info/rfc9266

Gajim 1.4.7 has been released 🎉

Gajim 1.4.7 brings performance improvements 🚀, better file previews, and many bug fixes. Thanks for all your reports!


The migration to @codeberg is finally complete! If you notice anything missing or broken, please let us know. Our code can now be found at codeberg.org/mellium/

If you were seeing errors fetching any of our libraries during the migration to Codeberg, we apologize The issue should now be fixed.

Show the world that you are now using #Codeberg, by adding a badge to your repo's README or website: get-it-on.codeberg.org/ 💙

We're in the process of moving the issue tracker and primary repo over to @codeberg! Please bear with us, CI is still a bit rocky over there but we'll do our best to work around the problems. The GitHub will remain for the time being and PRs will be accepted in either place until the migration is complete.

Dear Linux desktop apps, you have full authorization to create a folder in my ~/.config directory, you are even invited to stuff your data in my ~/.local/share directory, and let's not forget about that ~/.cache y'all! Wunderbar! Much freedom!

So, now, please repeat after me:


Thank you kindly

Software complaint: think about your users 

One of our Python dependencies has added a build dependency on a Rust crate. Our CI now takes ~5 times as long to get setup as it previously did to do setup and do the actual testing. Rust is fun, but please think about your users before you start adding tons of other full-system dependencies, having to install a C compiler was already bad enough, now we need two additional language ecosystems to test against something that should only require Python.

We previously discussed moving to @codeberg and the only reason we waited is that we were trying to start a code hosting co-op and wanted to wait for that. Since it looks like that's not going to happen, we are now planning to move from our current GitHub/SourceHut mix entirely to Codeberg. If you have any concerns or comments, now is the time!

PawBud wrote a first (non-technical) blog post about the onboarding experience during the project he does with the @xmpp Standards Foundation.

Check it out!


We'd like to apologize for the lack of development on Mellium the last two months. Life (and finances) have been difficult lately.

If you'd like to help us reduce our bus-factor and speed up development, why not find an issue to solve? github.com/mellium/xmpp/issues

Or you can always donate financially on our Open Collective to help pay a developer for a day of work! Any project (or the main donations pool) reaching $120 pays for a whole day of work (at $15 USD/hr)! opencollective.com/mellium

Gajim 1.4.5 has been released 🎉

This version brings an important fix for ad-hoc commands, as well as some improvements for message styling and further bug fixes.


Happy Monday! We just published a new blog post announcing upcoming /NLnet-funded work to advance authentication/authorization in Prosody and : blog.prosody.im/modern-xmpp-au

In short: look forward to practical 2FA, per-client access permissions, the ability to grant/revoke access for specific clients on your XMPP account, and more!

📣 New Prosody release!

If you're one of those people who always skips new major versions of software and waits for the inevitable bugfix release that follows, now is your moment - Prosody 0.12.1 is out! 🙂


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