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Hi everyone! After several years of social media detox, finally decided to join you. I spend most of my time doing physics, and developing (debugging) scientific codes while listening to music.

I’m still fascinated by the efficiency of the MPI_reduce communication patterns. Rolled a custom reduction operation, welded it to a production code and workload seems to be nicely balanced!

Nov. 2020’s top 500 list is already out. The new kid on the block, FZJ’s JUWELS Booster Module (AMD EPYC + NVIDIA A100 / InfiniBand) is the fastest in Germany and also in Europe now (#7 worldwide). HLRS’s Hawk (AMD EPYC / InfiniBand) is another addition to the list at #16, right after the LRZ’s SuperMUC-NG.
See the full list here:

Thanks to @jumboshrimp for the last 2 hours!

NEXT UP: Unpopular Stream by @meisam

An hour-long curated non-mainstream sounds from witch house to dark ambient and every genre in between!

We are EXCITED about this one! The first Mastodon user to broadcast with us!

Tune in!

If you are not already fed up of my weird taste in music, grab your headphones and join the first episode of the “unpopular stream”: An hour-long curated non-mainstream sounds from witch house to dark ambient and every genre in between!

We’re planning to stream this series every 3rd Friday of the month (today!) at 20:00 UTC on


Good news everyone! This weekend’s cheesy movie is finally released! 🤩

I convinced my boss to move our team form the Slack to the Mattermost. :rms:

Next step: persuade the Mattermost system admin to install a Meowmoji pack!

Hi everybody! We're looking for people to broadcast with us. Are you a DJ, radio host, musician, artist or somebody else creative with something in either live or prerecorded audio and/or video format? We need you!

We broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays and are looking to start booking people in either for a one-off or for a regular spot.

It's completely free ofc, and we would be happy to help advertise and promote the work of those that broadcast with us.

Email for more info (on profile).

I mirrored all my github repos on the @codeberg. I have to double-check and archive the github ones after everything is settled down. I hope codeberg to get a proper CI/CD integration, searching tool for the documentations, and RST rendering support soon.

Flight rules for Git: A guide for astronauts (now, programmers using Git) about what to do when things go wrong.

unpopular music series 

Listen to the meadow in the garden (Die Wiese Im Garten)!

And its creative remix:

Join Prof. Reinhard Genzel's talk in Munich's Physics Colloquium for the 2020 Nobel Prize: Monday, 16 November 2020, 16:15 CET (Zoom 😞)

My two cents after staring at random asm codes, and core dump data for a day:

Don’t trust the address sanitizer's crash reports of a thread-unsafe parallel code.

unpopular music series 

Listen to the silence between the notes/noise!

Last week I attended a course on #GPU computing. Specifically for #CUDA devices and its API. Here are the recorded lectures:

And the course material:

It covers different levels, with hands on exercises in #C.

video games 

If you have no time for playing this game and don’t mind being called out on your behavior, watch the full commentaries here:

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video games 

“Getting over it” is a deep dive in our digital culture which is presented using a video game engine. It is definitely more “game-like” [in its traditional sense] than the likes of “The Beginner's Guide” or “The Stanley Parable”. But the gaming mechanism is there just to create an immersive experience.

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