Upcoming #scientists4future webinar: Paul Behrens from Leiden University.


I have met Paul at one of the online S4F meetings, and I really think this is going to be interesting!

University page: universiteitleiden.nl/en/staff

"His environmental research has appeared in leading scientific journals and his work on science communication has appeared in The New York Times, Scientific American, and the BBC."

Info on his book:


#Joboffer, de, #Hannover 

🇬🇧 Do you enjoy solving computer problems, especially Windows? Do you like helping other people with IT issues? And do you like libraries📚 ? Then you've come to the right place! We are looking forward to your application.😀 German level B2 required.

🇩🇪 Du hast Spaß daran, Computerprobleme zu lösen, speziell Windows? Anderen Menschen bei IT-Fragen zu helfen? Und magst Bibliotheken📚 ? Dann bist du bei uns richtig! Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung.😀


security rant 

So my X.509 certificate needs to be in DER (binary) format, written to a OpenPGP card to be used with gpgsm for signing git commits?
Nobody thought to himself that maybe the certification is already on a FIPS 201-2 PIV card?

Looks like we have to do some TD-DFT calculations. Let's see if the M06-2X can still compete with new fancy functionals.

Early bird registration will end this Thursday, May 6.

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I added a link checker to the CI tests of our internal documentations website. My colleagues gonna love this! :blobfoxthinksmirk:

A very happy International Workers Day to you all! I'm hoping many of you are able to relax today after a week of what they call 'work'. Maybe one of these days we'll be allowed more time to actually live our lives. A man can dream.

@ohyran @mike What is the name of Fosstodon mascot? Has it dyed its hair or is it natural? I have so many questions! :blobcatthink:

And another PRACE course:
Introduction to Hybrid Programming in HPC, June 15-17, 2021

I think most of the ACCU 2021’s presentations are public now. Like always, the focus is on C/C++ with some additional content. You can check them out here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9h

I’m constantly torn between loving the flip-clocks which actively remind me of my death getting closer minute-by-minute and Nixie-clocks which seduce me by their beauty but unintentionally make me worried about the impending death of their tubes!


Mount Shrine has accompanied me in a lot of night walks in multiple cities. Dark ambient community is a fairly small one and the empty place of an artist such as him will surely be felt by everyone. mtshrine.bandcamp.com/track/gh

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I wonder what would I feel about these if I had no memory of the movies. youtube.com/watch?v=qxvgEryQQR

Now I'm getting paranoid even while running the hardened kernel. :blobcatgooglytrash:

Turkish Films 

If you are looking for independent films from Turkey or by directors of Turkish origin from Germany, give the 32nd Turkish Film Days a try: tuerkischefilmtage.de (15 April - 2 May 2021)

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