The UI/UX department of the future will have only two employees, a hipster and a dog. The hipster will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to bite the hipster if they change the UI/UX.

(Apologies to Warren G. Bennis.)

#uiux #UsersHateChange #hipsters #dogs #WarrenGBennis

This kinda sums it all up about how I'm feeling today.

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The FSF is announcing a funded call for white papers to address Copilot, copyright, machine learning, and free software. Submit yours by Monday, August 23:

ESA Summer 2021 is up. Here's the schedule if you want to catch them live and donate to a good cause :

Here’s a nice quick introduction to DFT (density functional theory) using DFTK.jl. I will definitely try to use DFTK for teaching the students the basics of DFT instead of showing them the fortran source code of monster DFT packages. Asking them to write a code to directly use the libxc is not much fun either.

After using the Apache for a long while, trying Caddy with its sensible defaults is like a fresh breeze! :blobcataww:

A permanent position for a #SoftwareEngineer at the UK MetOffice.

A great colleague at one of the best places to work (except for the open plan office). Highly professional, not what you would expect after EURO2020.

Mark McCarthy: "Anyone know any scientific software engineers that might be interested in working with historical weather and #climate data? We have a vacancy in my team at the #MetOffice to help develop our observational datasets of UK and global climate🙂"

Here's the links for those who can't get enough of it!

00:00 wSwW - (((☨))) ∰ ການຂ້າຕົວເອງ, ໃນຫ້ອງນອນ
12:46 Synergy & Signal - Exile
17:02 ΔXIUS LIИK x ножевые ранения - NНΞЙ
21:16 Ludique - Cherry Blossom
25:56 FLESH - Black crown
31:26 EYESTY - boadicea
33:42 Purple Hex - Alone Again
37:58 Iиfected Uиicorn - Matushka Toska
41:28 shxpe - secret message
48:20 Man Of No Ego & Logical Elements - It's All In The Mind

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@meisam What have I done... I ruined a classic, but I regret nothing :pensive_party_blob:

You still have one week (till 19 July) to submit the abstract of your talk for Cppcon 2021.

… → Amsterdam → Warsaw → Yokohama → Seoul → Hong Kong → ??
Join the next Unpopular Stream tonight (10 July 19:00 UTC+1) on @jnktn_tv to see where we will land next. Trust your face to the rain. Leave the umbrella at home this time.


There is something magical in Vaqif Mustafazadə’s works which only a few were able to capture and recreate it. Here’s one of successful ones:

Fugaku is still the king and FZJ's JUWELS Booster Module still holds the top spot for the EU/DE.

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