Half of my problems is usually solved using a simple mixture of alkanes and mineral oil, aka WD-40!

17th Advanced School in Parallel Computing@Cineca: Container tools for HPC (22-26 March 2021)

Women of the Fediverse! We are due to celebrate Woman's Day with a broadcast on either the 6th or 13th of March and are looking for an all-female lineup for the occasion. Are you interested in having a slot or being involved in some way?

Although we've been almost entirely music oriented thus far, we are looking for as much variety as possible so are keen for anything creative that we can help showcase. Music, spoken word, art, craft - whatever you got, we want to hear from you! DM/email us.

Link for those who missed the stream:
Tracks list:
00:00 Phase Fatale - De-patterning
05:49 Margaris Kid - backwardness
09:12 Gnothi Seauton - Тишина
12:02 Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis
17:43 Aphex Twin - Stone In Focus
27:54 Klimeks - Eternally Yours
32:17 Skeler - Falling Apart
36:34 Out of Orbit & Shpongle - No Disco
45:46 nvrmore - you're the only one that wants me
49:20 Damn Whøre - Insomnia
54:44 Trevor Something - What Is Real

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NOW PLAYING: Unpopular Stream. A great mix of tunes you might otherwise not hear. Tune in and say hi. As before, we're a friendly bubch.

Thanks so much to everyone who has tuned in so far!


Grab your headphones open the windows and join the Unpopular Stream on @jnktn_tv tonight (20 Feb. 21:00 UTC) for another night-walk around the city while listening to music. jnktn.tv


Another paper got published. I must get my poop together and finish the last one. youtube.com/watch?v=4J4zA9OYIc

Call to apply for FSFE support for your local project

If you currently look for financial funding for your FSFE activity, we are happy to support you: fsfe.org/news/2021/news-202102

Deadline: 18.April 2021

Free software is great. But how many of us have paid for the free software? How many have contributed to the development of them? How many have supported the organizations such as @fsf, and @fsfe which advocate them? How many have introduced proprietary software users to free software?
Show your love for free software in action.

I'm highly tempted to reflash the FSF's Trisquel GNU/Linux membership card with Tails! How blasphemous is it? :thonking:

@ndanes Can you please post some photos of your drums miking/recording setup whenever you had free time? Never had to do it myself. I'm curious to see how it is done.

This year for the international day of women and girls in science, on Feb 11th Dr. Suzanna Randall is going to give a scientific talk at MPE in the morning (11:00) [on Zoom, in English] and a public talk at ESO in the evening (19:00) [on YouTube, in German] supernova.eso.org/germany/prog

One of the greatest joys of my life is having students who have become more successful than me. ☺️

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