It's become clear that I don't have the resources to fight the horrors of this world on my own, that was naive.

I love free software, but working at that level does not help us transition away from the insane capitalist world we're currently in, I want to work at a lower and more human level.

Are there any good socialist and or lgbtq+ organisations that need a programmer, systems engineer or system administrator?

@measlytwerp +1! How about any NGO working for sustainability (not sure what lgbtq means) who need devs, too I guess?

@elbart that's a good option too.

I wouldn't however feel comfortable working with anti GMO or other extreme environmentalist views.

However sustainable housing for example would be awesome. I was even a tradesman for a number of years. So I could do physical work as well.

Lgbtq+ is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and the plus symbol is to include other minority genders and sexualities like asexual and intersex people

Wish you find the suitable placement for you!

@measlytwerp maybe if you wanna work for literally free. I'll cal myself socialist lgbtwhatever and you can administrate my stuff if you want to. Wait, you want money? Capitalist pig!

@igeljaeger I live in a welfare state, if I work for a charity then I can at least get the dole.

@igeljaeger may as well use it before we loose it to the right wing idiots.

@measlytwerp where are you situated? I know many of the smaller unions around the world tend to have problems that needs sysadmin help, and probably several LGBTQ groups too.

Plus it all depends on what brand of politics you feel comfortable with?

@measlytwerp just checked: Australia... uy... ok so... errr I am out of options :)

But I get the impulse to want to do good and make a positive change on a smaller scale.

@ohyran I'm left, pro union, pro socialism, pro social justice.

And yeah, I'm in the middle of nowhere even by Australian standards.

My problem is two fold atm, I have no direction and very little human contact.

Wonder if there's a good Discord/ chat room I'd be welcome in.

@measlytwerp Ok so no local community at all? I mean you can always pitch in to make the just random community you are a part of physically better computer/tech wise, even if that is a-political(ish) - plus it would get you to meet people (yay human contact) and give you direction.

A friend of mine set up a small pothole fixing crew in his rural community out of neighbours to fix the crap roads. Something like that but techy wise?

@ohyran I considered trying to set up a public server at the local library so that people can fool around and publish stuff online.

@measlytwerp husband dude works in the local library here and they tend to look for activity things.
Be clear with them what your interested and not interested in doing AND be aware that it can be slow going
(I just realized I have no idea how libraries are set up in Australia)

The amount of hatred you've attracted in this thread is truly sad.

My advice would be to find or create something local if at all possible. It's better in many ways. If that's not possible, perhaps you could search for organizations online and contact them personally.

A friend, not in Australia, works at a small company/coop that does exactly this: provides dev services at low prices to NGOs and good causes.

Just to say: there are careers doing what you want to do. And geographical location might not be too big a constraint.

@anne sounds interesting, would you be able to put me in touch?

I'll have to figure out how to google for that kind of company.

My friend's not there any more but this is where he worked:
They are partly Montreal-based but I think there are people in New York City as well. I'm not sure how key French is.

Hope it helps! They seemed to be a pretty good place to work, and a solid choice for a radical who also wanted enough stability to stay a family.

@measlytwerp It's over a year old, but this talk may include some good pointers, depending on where you're located. Organizations named and terms used within are all I would be able to tell you. Good luck, and please accept my sympathies for the chuds in your replies.

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