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Bite my entire ass! Go legally brain dead from lack of oxygen from choking on my entire ass!

Hi everyone, I'm moving to!

Fosstodon has been a great place but I want to be more politically active and don't feel as though that fits with this community.

Follow me over there if you want: @measlytwerp

I've not written any PHP in ages, so I'm checking out what changes are being made to the language.

For 8.0 they're removing short tags! Short/long tags are a legacy from the days when PHP was a templating language of sorts, you'd start your code with `<?php` and end them with `?>` in order to mark what was a script and what was HTML.

That's been the wrong way to use PHP for over a decade, so they're finally getting rid of it.

Fuck me, even the crappiest 4k TN panel monitor is $400.

Just found a bunch more dead pixels on my monitor...

The nom parser is approaching version 5, a major rewrite and that brings a huge improvement in usability.

However the developer doesn't have enough time to finish it in a timely manner, and needs experienced Rust developers to help:

I really don't think Rust has a steep learning curve, but I'm thinking of time/effort it takes to be able to write a non-trivial program *correctly*, and I don't think most people think of it like that. The first Rust project I contributed to was rustc, and I felt pretty confident about it. Anyway, it doesn't matter what I think; if people say it's hard, we should try to make it easier, through better documentation, language/compiler improvements (e.g. NLL,) and anything else we can think of.

Finally! I made it work. Windows do not know that they belong in a group, it's all calculated based on their current position handled entirely by a plugin.

Try it yourself (in Chrome, Firefox will be dog slow due to missing OffscreenCanvas 2d support):

I reckon that the algorithm might be workable as a Gnome Shell extension, depends on how much control over things we're allowed.

It's surprisingly easy to write bad algorithms for detecting when windows are aligned and grouped and should be resized together.

Setting aside all of the (many!) more important considerations for picking a language, which programming languages give you, personally, that "wow, that's so pretty" feeling when looking at their code?

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I find writing haikus is a good way to get my thoughts out without making myself seriously depressed in the process.

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And I think this demonstrates the somewhat privileged position many Stack Overflow survey participants hold.

When asked if people born today will have a better life then their parents, more than 60% answered yes.

What about climate change and the inability for any government to take it seriously, what about the void that is the wage gap?

I'm kind of hating tech bros right now.

Most people who took the survey rated themselves above average, which means many people are not good at evaluating their competence.

Are Elon Musk and Jeff fucking Bezos really the most influential people in tech?

Right, here's the code:

There are a few rough edges with the resizing implementation, and there's no way for a window to close itself, you have to detach it from the manager.

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