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I am still a bit down and confused with the indifference of a woman in the neighborhood who are caring a dog with it’s newly born baby dogs. The dogs are settled in the grass yard in front of my house.

I wanna talk to her but she didn’t give a positive response to me. It’s hard.

One approach to work with : play freely, aimlessly and un-orderly.

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I think I really should write something on myself, and for myself, particularly the thoughts, idea, that i hold...the and trauma that I am with, as I had been taking much much time to try to achieve/obtain .

Now I think I had obtained the most premise for freedom. It’s time to enjoy and apply my freedom.

Since writing is the minimal freedom of a person.

I found I still need some debugging for writing ... 🤔 Forgot to add env vars.

Though tonight I figured out a few long lasting issues of my and gateway!

Having a cup of americano ☕️.

In support to my last concern, this post also states that not many software in ports of utilizes unveil(), as of writing.

How about now?

There’s no guarantees that the software in ports are equipped with unveil and pledge.

So you can’t trust these code unless you add these system calls by your hands.

So only the software in stock (shipped with the base) are satisfied in terms of such protection — this is what they mean “ by default” , right? 😂

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After studying unveil and pledge, I am quite confused and get more close to believe the ironic slogan that advertises: security by default . 😂

unveil and pledge are only implemented on the code level which means it’s easy to make them in your own programs (and the software that you are extremely familiar).

How about a bunch of third-party software you use daily even though they are open source? i bet none of you read through the source of the software you use.

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While is my favorite since it’s natively supported by , seems to be more popular.

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Aha I love all kinds of programming !

Don’t know why. 😆

I found password manager fits into storing secret very much!

I don’t need to make another file to store my email account credentials in my muttrc.

Aha i am too crazy for studying multiple services to sleep.

I should remember where I depart. My purpose is to setup a local email fetching server for offline reading and archiving.

hmmm seems to be the choice.

There’s shipped as base package in . i don’t need anymore. :slackware:

client is also good as a news reader for its support for . Does anyone still use NNTP nowadays?

One surprise to me today is isn’t blocked in the network of my office. socks proxy is no longer needed , yay!

Things to do today:
I found all my local machines use the resolver provided by my proprietary router .

Need to set a static resolver or otherwise override the dhclient.

me studying today.

Love reading such state-of-art documentation more than reading novels. (me such a nerd) 🤓

as code is nice.

Wow is going to 15.0 (alpha.1) !
btw, i found there are many interesting things in its base packages, especially for network purposes. :slackware:

I think it’s after all not smart to have so many symlinks in the apps’ directory.

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