@Matter So far so good, not receiving any kinds of notice or warnings yet. I am a small person. ;)

Thanks browser splash page for referencing to Dr. James W. Prescott research page on the origins of peace and : deprivation of physical affection in infant age and the punishment of sexual pleasure in adolescence. (quite surprised that an IT program refers this)


Weekend! I worked OT so many this week, so try to leave away from computer this weekend. 😆 (okay we are not a 996 company BTW)

Good night, , you are a very nice web reader (not browser), making me engaged and calm to read plain content in the . 😂

However, fewer and fewer content/books are in plain html pages now.

Doesn’t it look like golang ? LOL

anyway i think i will stick to :javascript: and Perl. ;-)

Errr... My company requires every tech personnel to take and pass four tests / exams in the fields of general IT, js, AI, python, java and algorithms.

I haven’t passed the algorithm test yet, it’s too hard for me. I think I try to admit I won’t take it anymore. See what consequence will be (No one in the company tells me what the consequence is if one cannot pass the exam).

Damn it!!

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I share the point of ’s view on . Cookie is hazardous. This is not paranoid. BTW, on iOS has no way to disable cookies.


Learned from this essay on de-commoditized /#software, which browser recommended as MUST read. 🤔

Making sense. But firstly I was quit confused at what **commodity** means in English. Make sense now.

It’s a shame that had the nature of commodity but it’s not utilized until the advent of /userland.


Ah, Thanks browser for reminding me that scripts from the pages in my browser can read my clipboard 😂.

I should disable this ‘feature’. And learn right now.


Err.. the persuades / urges us to install a mobile app which teaches the people to prevent users online/telecom .

Don’t you believe, it might be a mass /#spyware, uploading all your communications to the authority. 😆.

Wow should be my thing! 🤩 ! For me, everything should be programmable and configurable. I hate mouse pointing and clicking. Is it one of the nature?


Finished today’s OT. But still wanna be attached to computer to build some ports on . I cannot be salvaged. 😂

Today’s for engaging the activists and lawyers arrested in . 64km mountain road, return.

, a lawyer who did various cases for the underprivileged groups.

, a NGO activist advocating the for people with disability, victims of the forced fertilization policy, etc.

study . I think all three (original, 3-clauses, 2-clauses) are good. I don’t mind to include the author’s name in some advertising scenarios.

But license is more trivial, no?



Just tested three web browsers on my veteran low-end (2Gb RAM) laptop running , finally I got a GUI browser to check something (only use w3m before :joy:):

- : cool for vim nerd as me, but quite heavy and slow, 200+MB res occupation;
- : very light and fast, only ~14MB mem!; pages are a bit ugly but sufficient for text reading;
- : quite light, ~80MB mem.

for :

non- freesoftware licenses:
- X11 license: the distributed binary program may not be consistent with the source code.

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for :
- AGPL: based on GPL plus publishing the code to the public;
- LGPL: based on GPL but allowed to be integrated in proprietary software.


Nice, bro, know what. I have always been challenging the low-resources environment. ;)

my on a 512M RAM runs lots of daily services including probe and gratefully they are running like a charm.

my is also steady on my while previous chances for and based distro were failed as they always ruined my SD storage.

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