I share the point of ’s view on . Cookie is hazardous. This is not paranoid. BTW, on iOS has no way to disable cookies.


Err.. the persuades / urges us to install a mobile app which teaches the people to prevent users online/telecom .

Don’t you believe, it might be a mass /#spyware, uploading all your communications to the authority. 😆.

Wow I also observed the 802.11 broadcast of the devices’ SSID. excited, as this is done on using a normal wireless card with monitoring mode easily invoked by on netbook.

But seems only the SSID broadcasted by wireless was observed. No mobile devices were broadcasting their used SSID?

ref: politictech.wordpress.com/2021

My workplace building requires all staff to access to it via face recognition technology.

I want to quit this while my company had silently submitted my face info, without my consent.

I am negotiating with this. Hope a success for me. 😏

Having been observing the network traffic of my local resolver ( at ).

One finding was the app () still requested for ’s service () via my system’s resolver. 😂
But I somehow understand this, from commercial perspective.

I found once Wechat is opened on my iphone , the UK streaming disconnected.

Hope this is just an illusion. Does an app have the capability to sniff the traffic and blocking them on the same host?

WTF? Now the had gradually blocked so many services including and those under (-proxy).

These days saw the unavailability of these two apps on my phone.

But it won’t defeat me. 💪

live Linux :slackware: distro ( enhanced) has just been released as 2021.01.01! celebrating 🥳

some small improvements, e.g. restricted file/dir permissions in $HOME; default user’s umask is set to 027. 😝 Sorry for being late.


me should study in-depth for , as i am trying to use (an IM by ) on my live OS, despite the fact that QQ is notorious for its bad records of violating user’s .

I have tried it under firejail initially today and it’s worked well.

🤔 The product manager of , Xiaolong Zhang, said that it was some input methods that were spying users’ messages and sending ads back.


- check if there are any user processes running under root or my daily user account;
- if there is one, set to run under another user.
- review all my home dir permission, which should be set to 700 or 750.

Chinese IM tool: /#TIM has been found it’s scanning Windows users’ web browsers data directories.

Actually this is not a news. Almost all applications made by are behaving like this.

ref: v2ex.com/t/745030?p=1

I am proud to announce the release of my -enhanced live OS (: a distro based on ): 2021.01.

I am very happy excited that is working now thanks to Slackware-current as it has updated kernel to 5.10.x. Hooray 🥂

Other updates: and some sorts of tools for are added. And right, .16 has new look, 👍🏾 great.

(v2fly, its fork) is amazing, easy building on . 😃

Applications written in are great at portability. Actually C things need to give much effort for porting between platforms.


Now -proxy is my new ❤️ love. it’s serving all my devices which are not equipped with circumvention tools. Full coverage as it compensates with tunneling. on :netbsd:


2020.03 is out. It’s a based , oriented, live operating system which distributes many anti-surveillance and anti-censorship software. Very happy to see Internet Radio is included as part of slackware-current. Lovely.

Why is for Android, its setting fails to work. All pages immediately fail. So far I see Browser is the best in the ecosystem. Any other recommendation?

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