Finished today’s OT. But still wanna be attached to computer to build some ports on . I cannot be salvaged. 😂

Just tested three web browsers on my veteran low-end (2Gb RAM) laptop running , finally I got a GUI browser to check something (only use w3m before :joy:):

- : cool for vim nerd as me, but quite heavy and slow, 200+MB res occupation;
- : very light and fast, only ~14MB mem!; pages are a bit ugly but sufficient for text reading;
- : quite light, ~80MB mem.

Successfully built -cli 3.5.2 on .

No obstacles. I am a bit obsessive about building this lovely stuff.

Fighting with 🐙

I think i am crazy, spent my precious whole Saturday afternoon and evening on building -cli on and (both armv7).

Finally this ended up with a success on :netbsd: with an earlier version of probe-cli while its latest release (3.8.0) was buggy. 😏

Why was I trying to do this on BSD? It should be super easy for Linux. (I know I know)

Wow I also observed the 802.11 broadcast of the devices’ SSID. excited, as this is done on using a normal wireless card with monitoring mode easily invoked by on netbook.

But seems only the SSID broadcasted by wireless was observed. No mobile devices were broadcasting their used SSID?


My tiny machine now can be a tunnel serving all my LAN traffic.

:openbsd: 💙 wireguard + dnscrypt-proxy

(with only one line of ; need some syntax change) —>

Learning the firewall on tonight. Trying to set up a NAT rule (transparent proxy) for mobile devices in LAN to use wireguard on it but not yet succeeded. :openbsd: 🤔 I am quite familiar with this setting for iptables in Linux ah~

Bingo! This is another one of my highlights moments!

Just a little research and hacking of the /Cargo build process, save my life of building the library of -cli : .

I should appreciate myself for being one second more patient in tackling the build issue on /#netbsd, before I give up.

Actually the author of had already fixed the issue while zkgroup had not been adopted yet. 😏

Oh the manpage of has a section for libraries.


In support to my last concern, this post also states that not many software in ports of utilizes unveil(), as of writing.

How about now?

There’s no guarantees that the software in ports are equipped with unveil and pledge.

So you can’t trust these code unless you add these system calls by your hands.

So only the software in stock (shipped with the base) are satisfied in terms of such protection — this is what they mean “ by default” , right? 😂

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After studying unveil and pledge, I am quite confused and get more close to believe the ironic slogan that advertises: security by default . 😂

unveil and pledge are only implemented on the code level which means it’s easy to make them in your own programs (and the software that you are extremely familiar).

How about a bunch of third-party software you use daily even though they are open source? i bet none of you read through the source of the software you use.

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While is my favorite since it’s natively supported by , seems to be more popular.

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me can’t agree more with the points of ‘complaints of open source projects’:

- .js programs being hard to port to non-linux.

i found out the reason why i failed to build my website on . : 🤩

Aha, i had a lot of fun with these software.

I finally figured out how to use xclip and xclipboard. -cli’s clip command only utilizing the X clipping that only xclipboard recognizes? cannot fetch what k is putting... 🤔 on :openbsd:

And wow i hate I didn’t know this password manager even earlier. 😹 I love the philosophy. Installing it on is like a charm!

This is also a good writing. bravo

btw nowadays at spare time i only do news reading and email/irc communications on my non-mobile machines. So not many user cases for openbsd, just , , and some casual coding via vim + git, while i will try the Telegram and Signal bridges for ! 🤓

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