Alive and kicking. Now many places still need to record every visitor’s personal and geo information. And of course submitted to the local authorities. Yes, Wechat is required for everyone to do this shit. Do I wanna ask for some sort of remedy for this? 🐶

I am alive and healthy today. Our government is requesting all citizens to register their personal information and mobility activities on an app developed by government. The stupid state finally has a cause to spy on all of us!

I am alive today, being happy (doge). Now most cities in China are in . The policemen are guarding at the entrance of my residential area..

Today I am healthy, alive and kicking. 😂 I bought three pieces of face masks (N95) from our community pharmacy, finally! Many thanks to them as they use appointment mechanics to sell the limited face masks. Transparency wins!

Should this event eventually promote the people’s awareness of ? The will of seeking truth? Action now! (the Chinese characters: I can’t, in response to the police discipline and punishment to doctor Li Wenliang)

Now many people are arguing for , after the death of the of this outbreak, Li Wenliang.

I am healthy today (but drinking a kind of coffee makes me coughing) 😹

The cause of the outbreak is the Chinese State, CCP. And I seriously suspect that exact cause is the omission from P4 virus institute. Damn! 🦠


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