Today’s for engaging the activists and lawyers arrested in . 64km mountain road, return.

, a lawyer who did various cases for the underprivileged groups.

, a NGO activist advocating the for people with disability, victims of the forced fertilization policy, etc.

Look, the evidence from shows .com is partially blocked in , differently by different areas, time. Complicated.

This week’s for supporting and engaging the lawyer and activist, . 32 km return, with elevation 170m.

Mr. Chang has arrested in a secret place (prison) in Shaanxi province, , with a “crime” committed of “subversion of the state” (terms might not be correct).

hmmmm... seems .com to be blocked by ?

Can visit it sometimes while can’t for sometimes.

To be or not to be. This is what is like.

The regression of is not that I wanna see. It is regressing too fast 💨!

I am afraid that I have no friends to discuss any pan-social issues in the near future. 😏

Today the biggest is the state and Chinese people are boycotting the many dress and shoes companies’ refusal of adopting the cotton from , .

I appreciate these companies and say thank you for their concern on the issue of forced labor and coercive governance there.

Truth is truth, it will get visible sooner or later.

And a supplement to a recent case for human rights lawyer, Weiping Chang, who has been representing many lawsuits on discrimination against women.

He now has been arrested in a designated but unknown place where he is waiting for the completion of police investigation.

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Peaceful and cloudy weekend, 28km on a quiet mountain road, and reading newsletters with on #*nix..

But many of my ex-colleagues and partners are in prisons. I am ashamed. Pray for them. I owe them freedom.

Today it’s widely spreaded that app is blocked by the , . Big news~

Many public /#DoH servers were blocked by , observed. 😈

Oh right, (-proxy) can now connect to its bootstrap servers list in (by changing the fallback resolver to 114). It states that in its config file. I didn’t read it carefully. 😂

But this step is still fragile as it relies on . Can it be configured to read its initial list stately (i.e. a local file)?

It is still the most powerful app I have ever seen on the ecosystem of .

Start my hiking and :

A nice user doing a lot writing and translation on the issue of , (), .

WTF? Now the had gradually blocked so many services including and those under (-proxy).

These days saw the unavailability of these two apps on my phone.

But it won’t defeat me. 💪

Hello, CCTV monitor, why did your master put you here, a remote, wild place ? 😂

As I calculated, there will be a per 200 meters on the streets of Shenzhen, , even in a small and remote town of the municipality.

Wow fantastic non-profit and service providers!

and surely

They’re socialist (LoL) 😆

I have to ask why there’s no such commitment in the but conversely happening in the world? 🤔

A taxi driver in Shenzhen, , is listening Radio (RTHK).

I am so exited and encouraged. 🤘

🎄 Merry Christmas!🎄

The state/regime is regressive. Its governments forbid all kinds celebrations of this festival, in the public sphere.

I usually glaze at the opposite sea coast and hills where it is . Now this view sight is almost to be fully kept out these rapidly built real estate. HongKong is not Hongkong now and is bloating. 😔

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