Come on! Hit a new record, 652 out of 2011 websites blocked. πŸ˜‚


Look, the evidence from shows .com is partially blocked in , differently by different areas, time. Complicated.

(noted yesterday) Successfully built cli 3.5.2 via Go 1.15 on , but failed in building probe 3.6.0 via Go 1.16beta.

Anyway i can run the tests headlessly. 😏

Successfully built -cli 3.5.2 on .

No obstacles. I am a bit obsessive about building this lovely stuff.

Fighting with πŸ™

Today it’s widely spreaded that app is blocked by the , . Big news~

I can’t connect to official service directly in without any circumvention these days. The Only higher I observed so far in March.

If you search a key word in Simplified , whatever Google or DDG, you mostly get results from the giant , which censors the content and misleads the search results ranking. Even worse, it explicitly put incorrect knowledge in its wiki site. The simplified Chinese as a whole is tampered as being narrowed and unaccountable. :blobthinkingeyes:

I should start building a static website connected to . Breaking 😁

This makes me thinking about the difference between () and entity in terms of , and . πŸ€”


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