Come on! Hit a new record, 652 out of 2011 websites blocked. 😂


Err.. the persuades / urges us to install a mobile app which teaches the people to prevent users online/telecom .

Don’t you believe, it might be a mass /#spyware, uploading all your communications to the authority. 😆.

Today’s for engaging the activists and lawyers arrested in . 64km mountain road, return.

, a lawyer who did various cases for the underprivileged groups.

, a NGO activist advocating the for people with disability, victims of the forced fertilization policy, etc.

Just tested three web browsers on my veteran low-end (2Gb RAM) laptop running , finally I got a GUI browser to check something (only use w3m before :joy:):

- : cool for vim nerd as me, but quite heavy and slow, 200+MB res occupation;
- : very light and fast, only ~14MB mem!; pages are a bit ugly but sufficient for text reading;
- : quite light, ~80MB mem.

Look, the evidence from shows .com is partially blocked in , differently by different areas, time. Complicated.

Wow this history substitution is a good learning experience for me. :smirk: :openbsd:

Should remember !?keyword? and !event:num

It is healing when I was down or upset.

(noted yesterday) Successfully built cli 3.5.2 via Go 1.15 on , but failed in building probe 3.6.0 via Go 1.16beta.

Anyway i can run the tests headlessly. 😏

I think i am crazy, spent my precious whole Saturday afternoon and evening on building -cli on and (both armv7).

Finally this ended up with a success on :netbsd: with an earlier version of probe-cli while its latest release (3.8.0) was buggy. 😏

Why was I trying to do this on BSD? It should be super easy for Linux. (I know I know)

This week’s for supporting and engaging the lawyer and activist, . 32 km return, with elevation 170m.

Mr. Chang has arrested in a secret place (prison) in Shaanxi province, , with a “crime” committed of “subversion of the state” (terms might not be correct).

Peaceful and cloudy weekend, 28km on a quiet mountain road, and reading newsletters with on #*nix..

But many of my ex-colleagues and partners are in prisons. I am ashamed. Pray for them. I owe them freedom.

Wow I also observed the 802.11 broadcast of the devices’ SSID. excited, as this is done on using a normal wireless card with monitoring mode easily invoked by on netbook.

But seems only the SSID broadcasted by wireless was observed. No mobile devices were broadcasting their used SSID?


Bingo! This is another one of my highlights moments!

Just a little research and hacking of the /Cargo build process, save my life of building the library of -cli : .

I should appreciate myself for being one second more patient in tackling the build issue on /#netbsd, before I give up.

Actually the author of had already fixed the issue while zkgroup had not been adopted yet. 😏

(privacy-enhanced live OS) has been released to 2021.02-rc !

Quite big updates:
- Tencent (yes the notorious yet popular and IM tool around communities) is experimentally added. It runs under which should well restrict its behaviors. 😂

- Other bloated applications (those installed in binary form) are also started under firejail .

Yes! Finally I figured out why -desktop doesn’t start on my live system ...

it’s caused by the package manager (app+person) did not do the symlinking after installation. haha 😆

Nonetheless i still didn’t figure out why it had done the symlinks in the previous packaging/installing...

Okay the root cause is the notorious bloated all-in-one offline javascript app (saying electron) , that makes so many symlinks?

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