@mdrights I used it a little. It was kinda odd. Messeging between DeltaChat users is fine but messaging someone not using it ends up being odd...the fact that it uses email is kinda odd anyways. If you want to use email just use email. All this does is make email look like IM's.

When it comes right down to it you're still at the mercy of whatever email providers you and your contacts use. For true #privacy use something like XMPP or even matrix.

@mdrights depending on your email provider, it can work very well or... not so well. I'm using it with Posteo and I'm really happy. It's best to check on their website which providers are supported but in general every email that's available through IMAP should be ok. As for other aspects: it just works, even though it may not look as fancy as other messengers. Give it a try! 👍🏻

@mdrights How was it? It is!
I use it, and it is fine. Why don't you simply try it?
Of course, trying to chat with someone who does not use it does not make much sense, you can use your e-mail client for that.

have tried it with Polish provider poczta.o2.pl and gave it up. Didn't work smoothly, lags like hell. No messages for long, then avalanche of messages. But most of the time messages wouldn't come thru. Pity, as it looked promising.

@barszczyk @mdrights that's why I'd discourage you from using any "free" providers 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hmm, that's strange. I have tested it with o2.pl (my trash email, spammed as hell) and never noticed any such problems.

It is *not* as instantaneous as other messengers, but it is to be expected - and documented



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