Oh is ugly and awful 😞. It is used for The disgusting APIM which supports Powershell only.

@mdrights i don't especially like it either, but the folks who've built it have had some good ideas imo:

Hahaha agreed.

Recurisve grep:

Grep -R pattern *.txt

Get-childItem -r *.txt | % { Select-string pattern $_.PsPath -CaseSensitive }

Such verb-noun action, much objects! wow awesome! Beware tab completion!

@mdrights yes it sucks. I will take this opportunity to (shamelessly) promote my blog
Skip to the part where I install PSReadline
Hitting Tab will give you a list of available parameters for a command (like in zsh)

While you are at it, you might want to do other neat things to make Windows less miserable
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