In the past #2020, is there something unstoppable for you to do obsessively?

This is very touching question for me.

Besides playing with *nix stuff, learning languages, it also should be writing.

writing is a form of expressing. expression is healing, helping the integrity of one’s personality.

The *nix and FOSS world provide me the physical premise of this integrity and freedom (as in information and spirituality).

Languages provide me the transport of this integrity.

Bow it’s time to express my thoughts and understanding of myself and the world.

However, expression is hard.

It’s easy to isolate someone and to block one’s information channels (blind one’s eyes).

It’s easy to forbid and poison the languages one uses.

Thus he/she can’t speak. He/she doesn’t know what to speak, how to speak and whom to speak.

Thus one of the solution and resistance to the poisoning of our languages is, to practice speaking, especially to practice writing, constantly.

Keep this exercise, do the exercise of trying to say/write your own words — the words from your real mind — not the words from the propaganda, from the popularity.

Do until you take back the control of your words, your language. You say/write words which reflect your real thoughts.

@mdrights Expression in a foreign language can be even harder, but also very rewarding when you finally manage to do something understandable.

@mdrights In these toots I can see the scars the society left on you. It's very unfortunate, and the fact nothing can be done about human society's proplems is maddening.

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