It’s time to do an updated .

I am a CLI and nerd (really, dysfunctional). :joy: I love and convention as I love and pursue , in an authoritarian state. 😏

The cause of my OCD and trauma, as I have retrospection from now back to then, was the social oppression as well as the hindering of the pursuit of freedom and democracy.

So strive to live freely and independently in China!

My favorite OS: :openbsd: (basically all BSDs) :slackware: Alpine Linux

After about two decades of making understanding of my OCD “symptoms” (I now call it “personality rather than symptom),

I found one major cause is the internalization of too many disciplines and orders, which might came from parents, schools, and the social powers.

These stuff controlled my thoughts, making me unable to think independently and critically. They lowered my self-esteem, which means I didn’t see myself valuable.


@mdrights Have you heard of complex PTSD? I deal with that, totally awful.

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