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(privacy-enhanced live OS) has been released to 2021.02-rc !

Quite big updates:
- Tencent (yes the notorious yet popular and IM tool around communities) is experimentally added. It runs under which should well restrict its behaviors. 😂

- Other bloated applications (those installed in binary form) are also started under firejail .

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It’s time to do an updated .

I am a CLI and nerd (really, dysfunctional). :joy: I love and convention as I love and pursue , in an authoritarian state. 😏

The cause of my OCD and trauma, as I have retrospection from now back to then, was the social oppression as well as the hindering of the pursuit of freedom and democracy.

So strive to live freely and independently in China!

My favorite OS: :openbsd: (basically all BSDs) :slackware: Alpine Linux

Oops, a M$ or mojang account is required for playing . That is too bad. I have difficulty in registering an account. ;-) Nor do i like to have a M$ account.

So turn to immediately. 😆

Oh it is unwise to turn all my home machines into ?
coz there’d be occasions to use applications, right?
and somehow using the versions of sed/awk/grep is a must. 😆

Aha I spent a lot of time figuring out how to substitute the the next line of a pattern. Two ways: (GNU sed)

sed ‘/pattern/,+1p’ file
sed ‘/pattern/{n;p}’ file

Gorgeous /#GNU tools!

Oh i love the good old /#blues. Those of Armstrong.

Finalizing my documentation on how to setup a survey website via (for nontech savvy ;)) (in Chinese)

Writing is very healing, self-encouraging.

2021.03-rc was released! 🥳
This is the first release that is based on 15.0beta!

The most exciting thing for me should be the official inclusion of Chinese input methods: fcitx and ibus. also shipped with various amazing input methods (Yuet Ping my favorite 🤩). is freezing now so I will make formal release once they’re ready for 15.0.

Got insomnia because of the incident of the student’s death in Chengdu, China. :(

I am sad () due to the incident of a high school student falling down from the school building while the school/government concealing the cause.

Which government can be even worse than Chengdu?!

updated, first of its kind based in Slackware 15.0 beta. Testing. 😆

Just a thought: of may also be blamed as guessing other’s speeches/behaviors negatively. This is called the “perfect victims”.

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Should take a rest now (at the end of today). not a chance to play yet.

of the week: don’t forget the difference between cp command of :freebsd: and of .

Copy the whole directory: should NOT add a slash at the end of the source directory. 😏

Ctrl-P is just awesome 👏 (I mean the key binding of , )

Hi folks ~ just curious really deserve its popularity among a bunch of social and communication tools? What advantages it has? 😆

Fortunately supports deploy from inputting docker image name from web UI, but seems not supporting docker compose files.

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Yeah~hooray, I finally figure out how to deploy a dockerized service from platform!! (with specific image version)

Should take a half day for emptying myself, especially from computer/software activities. 🙂

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Chinese smart TVs caught hoovering up data about devices on customers’ networks - Millions of smart TVs in China may have collected data without the knowledge of viewers a... #guestblog #privacy #smarttv #china #iot

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All my friends from #India, I wish you all the best of luck during these hard times♥️ :cat_hug_triangle:

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