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2020.03 is out. It’s a based , oriented, live operating system which distributes many anti-surveillance and anti-censorship software. Very happy to see Internet Radio is included as part of slackware-current. Lovely.

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I am a and guy. I am proud of my seriousness. When I am under oppression and , I get indulged in playing (and soon). They are my , yes. 🤱🏻🙇🏻‍♂️

Congratulations 🎉 I have been successfully installed opensc and pcsc-lite via on my -current based live distro: . Formerly they were incompatible with Slackware-current that sooo frustrated me. Yep pkgsrc is serious 🧐 :netbsd:

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Shit, some more students have been arrested by China’s security agents in front of the Consulate of the US.

is cool, is the way a /ops forwards. It efficiently turns the works of ops/#sysadmin into code. A devops/sysadmin should also be a .

Me gonna build opensc using in . Should be fun. Be grateful to all *BSD developers for their diligent documenting. Good documentation promotes great user experience. :netbsd:

Oh i should learn a bit of (a os client for ), should i? is broken 😔 on -current...

is really amazing, even though i didn’t use to do keyboard shortcuts (it has segments fault) .

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Creepy covert camera “feature” found in popular smartwatch for kids - This popular smartwatch aimed at kids had a backdoor that received covert encrypted commands via S... #vulnerability #smartwatch #backdoor #android #privacy

I found my card on my old laptop is not working with under ap mode. So , what wireless card , USB port, would you recommend?

Sometimes I am quite annoyed by the failure to build apps on -current, as I don’t have time to inspect it. Today there is no luck for . TBH .org has succeeded most of their builds on -current. but was a success.

Just using a couple of hours tonight updating my image to 2020.03.01 with a workable -desktop, and : the open source alternative for Cisco client. ✌️

me done quite a few casual reading on social issues at this (offline. sitting at a book cafeteria.. Using the News Reader from . ,

Reading manpage..... interested in setting up a soft at hime. 😏

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Signal assumes no E2EE network can survive without centralization to empower rapid changes.

I assume no E2EE network can survive without decentralization to resist political demands for censorship and backdoors.

This is fundamentally why I always recommend Matrix over Signal.

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Rant: Facebook hiding LGBT related hashtags in conservative countries 

Apparently Facebook "hides" LGBT related hashtags in conservative countries and Indonesia is on that list.

From my experience living there, I can certainly say that these companies don't care about LGBT rights in places where it's needed the most.

They will, seriously, cooperate with the government to prevent their platforms and walled gardens from being censored by the government and loose users (i.e their precious data).

A 4-year-old girl was unable to fall asleep since she saw a tortoise died in her kindergarten that made her feeling the fear of death. She is about to think of life and death. 🤔

The philosophy of is much appreciated which is also the reason of my choice of : back to the essence. Use git, rsync, wget/curl to do the pkg management jobs, why not? e.g. no more wrappers. :netbsd: :slackware:

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