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(privacy-enhanced live OS) has been released to 2021.02-rc !

Quite big updates:
- Tencent (yes the notorious yet popular and IM tool around communities) is experimentally added. It runs under which should well restrict its behaviors. 😂

- Other bloated applications (those installed in binary form) are also started under firejail .

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It’s time to do an updated .

I am a CLI and nerd (really, dysfunctional). :joy: I love and convention as I love and pursue , in an authoritarian state. 😏

The cause of my OCD and trauma, as I have retrospection from now back to then, was the social oppression as well as the hindering of the pursuit of freedom and democracy.

So strive to live freely and independently in China!

My favorite OS: :openbsd: (basically all BSDs) :slackware: Alpine Linux

Diminish the internal , towards whatever thyself or others, from your inner heart.

You will be liberated from the post trauma disorder.

Oh is ugly and awful 😞. It is used for The disgusting APIM which supports Powershell only.

Wow there’s Monk community. I do believe Perl is religion. 😂

Oh the manpage of has a section for libraries.


The on my phone doesn’t work again.

I change it to use my -proxy on my local network. It works! connects to my websites! (powered by on orange pi) :netbsd:


Just check the docs of ’s platform support scheme. Hmmm seems it doesn’t support the ‘freebsd-update’ command for armv7 architecture... and ports support is just basic.

Start my hiking and :

A nice user doing a lot writing and translation on the issue of , (), .

I found once Wechat is opened on my iphone , the UK streaming disconnected.

Hope this is just an illusion. Does an app have the capability to sniff the traffic and blocking them on the same host?

I found I was suddenly re-ignited to do a hobby that I used to do when I was a teenager:

Learning ( no matter human or computer languages) , but usually learning the pronunciation and some grammar.

My freenode account had been found received some spam attacks. Some words there showed anti-.

Why they hate people. They are fearful their own being poisoned by those exotic ethnic groups?

If so, the /#Chinese also think alike.

WTF? Now the had gradually blocked so many services including and those under (-proxy).

These days saw the unavailability of these two apps on my phone.

But it won’t defeat me. 💪

Like I am a veteran of *nix *sh , i can tell almost everything punctuation of the language and know when and why it becomes this. This is because I am living with it.

More recent languages have fewer inconsistencies, right? Go, Rust...

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Ha, another day of learning (vanilla :javascript: ).

My view now is that is just like any other modern languages, easy to learn in terms of its syntax and its features.

However It might also be like those old-school languages, eg. and , having a long, complex and multi-linear history of iteration that make you confused and feel burdensome.

Thus one of the solution and resistance to the poisoning of our languages is, to practice speaking, especially to practice writing, constantly.

Keep this exercise, do the exercise of trying to say/write your own words — the words from your real mind — not the words from the propaganda, from the popularity.

Do until you take back the control of your words, your language. You say/write words which reflect your real thoughts.

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However, expression is hard.

It’s easy to isolate someone and to block one’s information channels (blind one’s eyes).

It’s easy to forbid and poison the languages one uses.

Thus he/she can’t speak. He/she doesn’t know what to speak, how to speak and whom to speak.

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This is very touching question for me.

Besides playing with *nix stuff, learning languages, it also should be writing.

writing is a form of expressing. expression is healing, helping the integrity of one’s personality.

The *nix and FOSS world provide me the physical premise of this integrity and freedom (as in information and spirituality).

Languages provide me the transport of this integrity.

Bow it’s time to express my thoughts and understanding of myself and the world.

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In the past #2020, is there something unstoppable for you to do obsessively?

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