Going to be using Firefox Send to forward files on the fly. Encrypted, control over number of downloads and the number of days to be available. 1GB without account and 2.5 GB with account. 👍

@makuharigaijin Mozilla foundation makes money from donations and partnership with Google to set it as the default search engine

@mdbekhit I understand that, but this is an offer of free storage. Either Mozilla has money to burn or I would think there would need to be a way to make this new offering sustainable. It is probably all fine, but I just don't understand the business model for it (the storage, not the browser development).

@makuharigaijin The storage is not persistent. It is not like Google Drive or Dropbox in which you can keep the files as long as you want.

I am sure Mozilla wouldn't have launched the service if they can't sustain it.

@mdbekhit Well, my concern was any chance that analytics were being sold from the data. I mean, just based on there being no free lunch and all. But, maybe this is being used to pull people into using the browser and the overhead is not large due to the short expiration. I trust Mozilla more than most, but you never know.

@makuharigaijin I doubt it to be honest. Honestly Mozilla is the only organization that is fighting the browser monopoly. And TOR uses Firefox for a reason.

Every new browser coming out is based on freaking Chromium. Even Micorosft's new browser will be based on it.

So yeah I support Mozilla for giving me the choice and for their stance.

@Zoidtes it is! Been trying it, sending random stuff to myself and it has been flawless.

Haven't tried bigger file size as my upload speed is horrible.

@mdbekhit haach yeah the dataspeedrate 😂😂.

I just wanted to try put cubernetes but I somehow didn't got it entirely

@Zoidtes Sorry, I am not following, what are you trying to do?

@Kevin oh yeah he did cover it, must have missed it. Love his channel btw

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