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Onion routing turns 25 this month. πŸŽ‚

You’re invited to celebrate this moment with us to talk about the beginnings of onion routing & how this idea became Tor.

πŸ—“οΈ Mark your calendar: Wed., May 26, 18:00 UTC / 14:00 Eastern / 11:00 Pacific

I mean it's all well and good jumping ship from freenode but maybe consider sticking your project's channel on one of the many other networks, there are plenty of smaller ones and the diversity is nice

OK fediverse, riddle me this. If I want to buy a VR headset, what options do I have while being as freedom-respecting as possible?

Sunday is the best day for browsing the fediverse

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Mostly finished with my silly project of making a system look old despite not being old.

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Question time: What different ways can a desktop indicate which window is focussed?

1. Different coloured borders/title bar
2. Relative opacity

How else?

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Compare the web with your hometown.

Where are the mom-and-pop shops? How come every other site is just an advertisement or billboard? And, most importantly, why don't most people have a house?

Static hosting is pretty much free. Why do most web-inhabitants just consume (youtube, twitter, etc.)?

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Admittedly I was a bit confused as to why anybody would want to put use HTTPS on an onion service, but fair enough, apparently some people do

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Growing your onion is easier than ever with affordable DV certificates and the new Onion Zine setup guide. πŸ’œ

How to access both here:

Peaked at 4th place then lost.... maybe next time

Not that anyone cares but I just reached 6th place on pokemon showdown gen 6 randoms, my highest record yet

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Was wondering what a game case would feel like and whipped this up in . to find out. I'm going to print it in halves so they slide together around the phone.

How do people even use cli mastodon tools? Sure, cli tools are handy for many things, but much like web browsing, mastodon seems like one thing where it is just not as nice

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Oh and of course, searX just doesn't work 70% of the time. I don't understand how people can use it, maybe it's just me being unlucky?

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