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#RFC1984 your medical data is for sale, remember no personal data can be completely anonymous. This is a threat to your privacy. Plus is anyone asking the question of how do we track what happens to that data? Will it always be encrypted? Data leaks.
RT @StefSimanowitz
"The UK offers life sciences & increasingly expanding access to rich longitudinal data from the NHS’s 65 million patients."
(Dept of Trade/NHS …

everybody should watch The Dragon Prince on netflix btw

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Nvidia just replaced video codecs with a neural network.

This is pretty mind-blowing:

I don't even wanna think about further implications like faked recordings, online impersonation or the impact on Hollywood productions.

Just updated xoop to use X pointer barriers instead of a hollow square window to detect when the cursor touches the edges of the screen. Now it should work in more X environments without interference from other windows.

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become a robot today! we have everything:

- beeps
- boops
- instant maths
- clean electric charging
- design ur own chassis
- cool tricks like *glitches out* :blobcool:
- be conscious to make philosopher chuds upset

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Wrote a cheeky post about ditching cgit and replacing it with stagit. cgit is cool and all, but stagit is light as can be for creating a web interface for your git repositories.

Whalebird is deciding not to show me every post in a thread. Maybe I'm getting sick of the bugs...

the next project i make i will name it something catchy like ncmpcpp

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I enjoyed this article #ukpolitics #ukpol

Applicable in a more modest way to #markdrakeford in #wales

Covid has reduced Scottish independence to a basic question: Sturgeon or Johnson? | Scottish independence | The Guardian

Pretty pissed at this new firefox update. It moved my profile to my Desktop folder and started me a new one, required an entire reboot of the machine to run without crashing immediately, and enabled all telemetry and everything (must be the new default settings for fresh profiles). All of this without a single prompt or warning!

The new firefox update has rendered it 100% completely unusable

>>> from __future__ import braces
File "<stdin>", line 1
SyntaxError: not a chance

Tor Browser update brings the terrible expanding URL bar from Firefox

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tip of the day: You can literally travel back in time. To jump to the state a file had 10 minutes ago, use the following command:

:earlier 10m

To then go forward in time 1 minute, use this command:

:later 1m

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So I wad just talking about domain names and I happened to use as an example. To my astonishment, this domain was available (it isn't any more!)

But that got me to thinking, "I wonder if is available?"

Unfortunately it isn't, but the website that hosts it is AMAZING!

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> I wonder if is available?" Unfortunately it isn't, but the website that hosts it is AMAZING!

@brandon mentioned that it has no JS – that's putting it mildly. Here's the full source, beautiful in its simplicity:

body {
background-image: url('home.jpg');
height: 100%;

background-position: center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-size: cover;

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what the HECC picked up my pmos pinephone and started messing with stuff again... phosh/arch linux arm is running even smoother than just a few weeks ago!

Amazing and super promising how fast mobile Linux is developing

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