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we should make it a norm that every open source project has an open "issue" serving as a guest log for people to specifically write nice things about it

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Other than perhaps the home text at the top, I can't stop marvelling at how nice this site looks. Wouldn't use it personally, though I can see myself stealing many design elements when making a more corprate website...

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@mcol @freddy I love email clients implementing "Undo Send". They literally just add a 20 second delay before sending and tout it as revolutionary. 100% marketing indeed

A few months ago I decided to abandon and self-host my internet-facing things on a nice RockPro64. Although the server is great, I've decided my connection isn't stable enough and I want to move back to the peace of mind of a VPS.

Any VPS provider recommendations?

you know what really makes me happy?

not needing windows to play SW Jedi Academy

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Project for today, implementing tooltips for Qtile's bar widgets. Here's a little demo of the state so far

GitHub desperately trying to stroke everybody's ego so they don't leave them for a better platform

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@mcol I don't think it would have moral agency, I would say most keyboard wrist-rests are neutral in the sense that they are neither evil nor good

Is a keyboard wrist-rest good?

@jbauer Your pleroma instance is making me consider setting up my own instance too. How is it for a single-user setup? I notice there is a large login panel and a settings page. Can these be disabled?

most of my new project ideas are the direct result of coming up with funny and available domain names

im not a fan of bojo but credit where credit is due

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git-of-theseus takes longer, maybe, but it's easier to install and it worked right away.
This is for my longest running code I maintain, the Oddmuse wiki.

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you'd think would have a nice website but guess not

everything about conda is the absolute worst

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