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Dear @Mastodon is there a feature planned to add a comment to a boost? Would be very useful IMHO.

Just had a heart attack thinking I was 13 hours late to the PinePhone Pre-Orders. Fortunately, I can't math well, and I'm 11 hours early.

I mean..... nobody buy the PinePhone. I don't want it to sell out and I want one.

Much of the fediverse is public, with mastodon very much being so. Surveillance companies could still monitor most mastodon instances and track people across websites. Perhaps the lack of ads on these platforms removes their incentive to track us.

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[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.


I just bought Permanent Record today on the way home from work. I'm glad he's a charismatic guy because I'm really slow at reading books when I'm not entertained. I'm ashamed to say I never finished The Age of Surveillance Capitalsm, sorry Zuboff :/

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I just read Edward Snowden's memoir and other books about mass collection of our data. Since then I have been trying to shed the private/proprietary software I had been using in favor of their transparent/open source alternatives.

Using github as my readme rendering engine results in committed typos every damn time

I absolutely encourage all bloggers of all subjects and all areas of the web to curate a drip-feed of their favourite music so I can expand my music knowledge.

Who doesn't like telling people who never asked about your music likes?

In an attempt to discover new music in the long run I've decided to keep a casual Record of the Week list on my blog. After seeing another FOSS blog post a pancake recipe I realised who needs these arbitrary boundaries.

If anybody is interested:

Is there a neater way to sticks links into reStructured Text than `this inline </way>`_?

Something more like [this][1]

[1] /path/or/url

It looks like tootle has been doubling some of my replies.

I see that Pine host their own web services on the RockPro64... but they've hooked 48 up together.

I'm much more of a software guy than a hardware guy.

Why is there not just a 'number one top device' that everyone uses for a given price bracket and use case?

What hardware do people use for hobbyist-level home labs that host services like nextcloud, gitea, that you access from out and about?

I've only ever used Raspberry Pis, and I'd like to make a performance upgrade. Perhaps a RockPro64?

I'd like to migrate the services I run on a VPS into a machine in my flat under my control.

Is this a bad idea, security-wise?

The vim-gitgutter plugin has completely changed how I deal with looking through changes in my repositories and staging them. Previously, I could never be bothered dealing with changes at the hunk level, always just staging/unstaging entire files. gitgutter lets you jumps between unstaged changes in a file and stage or undo them individually super easily, indicating changes at the side.

10/10 recommend.

I would absolutely LOVE to get a Pinebook pro, but I already have a laptop. What can I do to convince myself that it is necessary?

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November blog post is up! Pinebook Pro, PinePhone, PineTime... even the PineTab! We've got news on all of it.

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Imposter syndrome has been telling me otherwise for a while now, but I think I might just post the link to my first real project… It's not finished by any means and also not optimized for mobile yet as it was intended for desktop usage in uni classes…

With all the disclaimers out of the way, here's NeuroModelJS!

A Hodgkin-Huxley model simulation for the browser!

Not the first of its kind, but it's mine 😊

Found a cool little vim plugin that shows a little scrollbar in the status bar.

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