@hund @paranoidtechie Yeah, understandable argument, and hit the nail on the head with "I can't say that X is a better option than Y for you without knowing more than null." The keywords being "for you".

@paranoidtechie @hund I don't really see the point of using an Arch derivative because one of the advantages of Arch is that you learn about the system and these derivatives try to abstract much of that away. Installing Arch, if you closely follow the installation page, will be a breeze.

Also, with a derivative, you'll have a hard time getting support from Arch users (who are more numerous).

@paranoidtechie i think it must be leftover from a time when the installation was more difficult and docs more cryptic. If you follow the installation guide and reading the maintenance page then it's straightforward and simple. In my experience Ubuntu has been much less stable

@jbauer I see it's fixed now, and nice that you get to keep the categories on the home page too!

I notice too that the "Idle" time is based on when a repo was updated/uploaded by cgit. Wouldn't it to be better to be the time of last commit? I also get this behaviour with gitea, so I wonder why both gitea and cgit chose that

@jbauer cgit looks nice, I like the minimalism.

I noticed that the link in your post git.paritybit.ca/cgit-config needs to be git.paritybit.ca/Configuration. I wonder if it's possible to get the URL without that first category

@codewiz Haha yes exactly, so bizarre, I wish I could suppress it from popping up

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@mcol More importantly, who comes up with these lame slogans for ASUS?

In Search of Incredible
Republic of Gamers
Inspiring Innovation * Persistent Perfection
Rock Solid * Heart Touching
Rise Above The Battlefield


@tfardet oh wow splice looks particularly disturbing but also shitty. i will definitely watch these.

@Mainebot Coquitlam coquitlam coquitlam. what's it mean?

every time i put a video in a blog post my anxiety jumps as i worry about it breaking

New blog post in which I rice up my decryption password prompt during the boot process. Also here is a video of what it looks like.

I know, I know, it's only 5 seconds every day, but I want my install to be perfect.


@Mundon Oh I watch and have watched a lot of movies

I think Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom may be, with no exaggeration, the worst movie I have ever seen

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