@tulpa it's how they keep their character development realistic

's type level programming is a frustrating imbalance of high desire to use but low chance of finding a good use case

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Finished reading Sandy Maguire's Thinking with Types book about type-level programming in . A fantastic intro to TLP! I feel like a whole new world has opened up. Now to write some code.

Going to make a math rock album themed around haskell

TIL about the subreddit r/GPGpractice

That's not a great sign of usability at all if people need to practice.

We have code wizardry but i never see code witchcraft

"A Totally Non-Terrifying, Practical Introduction to Type-Level Programming" - this is a really excellent talk that I wish I saw ages ago youtube.com/watch?v=6FRJfEhlqy

What FOSS tools are there for creating nice multi-page figures and graphics? Unfortunately inkscape doesn't support multiple pages.

@JustineSmithies@mstdn.social nice :)

@JustineSmithies@mstdn.social Hey Justine, great to see you here!

@benjaminhollon Huh oh yeah. From what I can tell Copilot writes your code for you, but I was thinking more like saying "define a function called 'foo' that does ..." and that writes out your code as dictated. You would of course need to be aware of the abstract syntax tree for a language which might be quite error prone, but the NLP could possibly fill in the blanks.

It might not be too hard to generate audio descriptions for code, which would make it feasible to listen to docs/blog posts/books that include code snippets.

But with that, could we implement the other direction? NLP for writing code? Hands- and eye-free software dev.

I was always annoyed that wdisplays didn't save your settings so i implemented that

it seems there is no central repository for it so instead of a PR i made a toot

@techhut check out duck dns, that might be what you're after

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