@yarmo I appreciate the post and can relate much more than I would like. I feel mental health has become almost an inside joke in academic research, where we are all aware it's an issue and may comment on it, but never in a serious way, and everyone continues on as usual to facilitate the high pressure work environment.

It also seems you've been pushed out in large part by bad luck in the project, rather than your own incompetence, which really emphasises the flaws in assessment by PhD.

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Little bonus: as I've promised before, I started a blog @yarmo which I will maintain to record my post-PhD journey. I only found it fitting to start with a post about mental health and my last four years…


@yarmo Just saw the toots following the initial one, including the link to your blog. I'll check it out.

@yarmo Hey, sorry to hear about all that. What made you decide to quit? (Feel free to not say if you don't want!)

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How have I never seen this before??
Sharing it far and wide, as the man's not fit to be an mp, let alone pm.


@rachelwilson actually having read the tweet now, I see he meant the web UI. Using it now, it is good!

@rachelwilson It could just be my laptop... currently using a 2010 macbook 🤦‍♀️ . I'll check out the mastodon app, thanks for the pointer

@ndegruchy Hmm I must have resized the window to trigger it then

When I toot using tootle, it toots the toot twice 100% of the time

Does anyone else get this crap when pacman is downloading updates

TIL: in vim, you can word count a selection by hitting g ctrl-g

@carcinopithecus For a minute I thought the wiki page was gonna tell me that the cat is named after this guy!

Reminder that oneko exists. Here he is chasing my mouse.

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