@ataraxia937 yeah, like i said no complaints but at the same time i don't feel like I'm at the cutting edge of updates. However I do feel like it's pretty solid, which I don't with e.g. manjaro, probably cause of the debian base being secure and stable. However I think you're limited to phosh (could be wrong)

@ataraxia937 I use mobian, it's alright, stable, it works etc, no complaints

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@rigelk looks like they have it pretty much covered. Often with sandboxing systemd units it can be a matter of copying from another project that does it and you're good to go because there are only so many options, though if something stops working you'd then have to figure out what setting you need to undo (presumably the submitter has tested that)

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@fossraven I love the :: spacers on the bar, gonna steal that

@moddedBear that sounds super nice. Is there a DE or something that does this?

@anti_hero Ooh status bar widget with the currently focussed window in it. Nice yeah hadn't thought of that.

@hund Ah right, so kinda like "just remember", or if you forget (if you go AFK for a bit) then you can wiggle your mouse.

@sotolf @pyratebeard What comes to mind is those tiling layouts with a big master window and smaller windows in a list at the side. Seems pretty popular.

@hund Like warping the mouse to the newly focussed window?

Question time: What different ways can a desktop indicate which window is focussed?

1. Different coloured borders/title bar
2. Relative opacity

How else?

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