New blog post in which I rice up my decryption password prompt during the boot process. Also here is a video of what it looks like.

I know, I know, it's only 5 seconds every day, but I want my install to be perfect.

How to test a new switch: stick a load under one hand!

Swapping out some switches on my keeb for some cherry mx blues to give them a test drive

Drew myself a new wallpaper yesterday. I cannot draw _at all_... how does this look?

my day 4 pixart creation, pretty happy with it, took me like 2 hours

I decided the learn to draw pixel art so here is a tree I drew yesterday

Today I've been drawing new border patterns for Qtile using Xephyr

patched Qtile for double borders, something every WM needs

Screenshot Sonday, right?

Today I committed into Qtile a change that supports them sweet detached bars.

My PinePhone finally arrived after what felt like an eternity of it being in transit. And that pine graphic on the back is a classy touch.

Got my hands on a RockPro64 and its little box to have a play around with pine64 kit

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