The new firefox update has rendered it 100% completely unusable

so yesterday i went randonauting and we came across this peculiar arrangement

taken with my un-focus-able pinephone camera

how to know if you forgot to re-enable the camera killswitch

GPS on is actually working as it should be. I couldn't say the same for UBPorts unfortunately.

My window plants, taken from @mobian on my . Camera works 👍 but seems like manually focussing the camera does not.

throwback tuesday to when i found a bourbon with an extra layer

Alright fediverse, let's see some of your best scores for

I made a little program called xoop that does this

Pretty much 50/50 on the wrist-rest question!

My conclusion for anybody who wants to try them:

you know what really makes me happy?

not needing windows to play SW Jedi Academy

Project for today, implementing tooltips for Qtile's bar widgets. Here's a little demo of the state so far

GitHub desperately trying to stroke everybody's ego so they don't leave them for a better platform

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