It might not be too hard to generate audio descriptions for code, which would make it feasible to listen to docs/blog posts/books that include code snippets.

But with that, could we implement the other direction? NLP for writing code? Hands- and eye-free software dev.

@mcol NLP for writing code? See GitHub Copilot.

Just be aware that it's on tricky legal/moral ground as I see it with the way it used code from free software projects to train a model used commercially.


@benjaminhollon Huh oh yeah. From what I can tell Copilot writes your code for you, but I was thinking more like saying "define a function called 'foo' that does ..." and that writes out your code as dictated. You would of course need to be aware of the abstract syntax tree for a language which might be quite error prone, but the NLP could possibly fill in the blanks.

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