Today was my first day at #SpaceX. where I will develop avionics firmware for #Starship and other vehicles. 🚀

It won't come as a surprise to those who know me well: for years, I've been watching countless Falcon 9 launches and Starship test flights as if they were some sort of sporting event.

#spacex #starship

Now I can watch them with more telemetry, and higher stakes. The next time a Starship craters on the landing pad, it could be due to a bug in my firmware. Finally, my work will have a big... impact! 💥
#starship #spacex

Many thought that propulsively landing a rocket booster was impossible. Now Falcon 9 does it routinely.

Full vehicle reusability is the next big milestone, and was thought to be impossible. Hopefully #Starship will demonstrate it soon.

Reusability it's the key to making space exploration affordable.

This is why so many space enthusiasts are flocking to Boca Chica to witness and document this historic milestone:

Since childhood, I've been dreaming of piloting a giant starship.

This #Starship will be a fully autonomous vehicle, piloted by software written by my team and many others. Reality beats imagination.

Ok, we won't have laser guns for now...


@codewiz Incredibly awesome! Congratulations! I know you'll keep us updated of all the cool stuff!

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