gemini, on the other hand, meh

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😁 haha, while I was just reorganizing by gem bookmarks in #Amofra and messing around a bit with the config file.... πŸ™ƒ

@toxision i should disclaim that my understanding of gemini is likely naive and along the lines of "isn't it like half way between gopher and regular ol' html+http?"

...and to be honest here, I know nothing about #gopher at all. Just fulfilled my basic curiosity (=reading the Wikipedia article πŸ˜…) about it. And as it goes for Gemini, well, simply are browsing through the "Gemisphere" as a regular user 🀷
Do you have a hang for any of the two?

@toxision is there much on the gemisphere that isn't on the www already? what do you mean a "hang"?πŸ˜…

Well probably a lot of stuff is being copied over into a capsule. But I also see new and interesting things and topics and really enjoy reading a longer text.
Yeah the hang...the know...sorry! Haha! Watching to many US shows recently I guess. Then I am trying to imitate some of the gibberish I heard -> and fail! πŸ˜…

@toxision Ah I see lol. I like gopher for it being very minimal and text-only and i gather that gemini is similar in many ways but has its own markdown, whereas gopher is really just any file (and so raw text i guess). Ultimately i like seeing the minimal blogs people make, so kinda similar in that sense, to what there is to see in the gemini world :)

Yeah you are right. I would agree that summarizes it pretty well.

@toxision nice, then i'll have to take some time to have an explore around all what there is to see!

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