The wayland compositor I'm writing has an infinite desktop, replacing workspaces with panning and zooming to get around

@mcol Very cool. For tiling, have you thought of making it where you have windows tile onto each other?
That way you can have workspace clusters where windows are attached together in a tiled way and another section where they are not.

This idea sounds great for multiple monitors.


@Zach777 I'm not sure I understand what you describe, but I'm very interested in hearing ideas about how to implement the tiling and keeping it intuitive. Are you thinking that, if I have 1 open window in view, when I create another window it will position it and reposition the first so that they together tile on screen?

@mcol Basically yeah. Tiling a window means that it would "magnet" so to speak onto another window. Thus you can have a group of tiled windows easily.

Possibly even being able to move all the windows tiled together at the same time.

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