The wayland compositor I'm writing has an infinite desktop, replacing workspaces with panning and zooming to get around

@mcol What is your target audience? The expert user or the not-so-tech-savvy user?

It certainly depends on the implementation: however, so far, I can't imagine an expert being more efficient for switching a scene by panning and scrolling. IMHO most experts prefer keyboard shortcuts which are hard to implement in your approach, I guess (but don't know for sure).


@publicvoit You do bring up a good point to consider. Currently the target audience is myself and similar people interested in these little niche projects. One potential solution to the issue regarding expert user efficiency is already implemented: vi-like marks to save views. This way, one can group windows logically together in one cluster and save that (x,y,z) position, then jump back to it later. Not too dissimilar to remembering "jump to workspace 5 for web browser".

@mcol I see. However, what is the main point in having such a window management? I guess it's just visual candy. Right?
(I'm playing devil's advocate here, as you have guessed already)

@publicvoit Being able to zoom out and get a bigger picture of what's going on I think is something very valuable. It also allows for zooming out slightly to monitor a higher number of windows than you normally could. The difference between this and just having lots of small tiled windows is that the content is also scaled. You can also have a logical group of windows slightly larger than a screen, like in "scrolling WMs" like paperwm (

@mcol True.
Although I never wished for this kind of thing so far. Which does not mean that it might not be a handy thing to have, when you play around with it, developing a taste for this experience.
From my current point of view, I most probably won't switch from my standard 4-virtual-desktop setup with mostly full-screen apps.

@publicvoit Understandable. It's very possible that once I'm "done" with it, I shelve it. My main drives to write it were 1. to learn about wayland and 2. to explore different ideas on the "desktop metaphor", rather than necessarily to replace by currently already comfortable Qtile setup :)

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