The wayland compositor I'm writing has an infinite desktop, replacing workspaces with panning and zooming to get around

@mcol that is so cool. Sadly seems a bit incompatible with the idea of a tiling window manager, but otherwise I would be all over that

@Matter I'm also coming into this with a tiling WM user's mind, as I use qtile for my daily driver, so I have been thinking of ways to incorporate some kind of familiar interface to it. What I will likely do is to tile windows in the current view until you move away, then it does it again where you moved to. It also uses the concept of vi-like marks, so you can save a specific x,y view point and jump to it -- this replaces e.g. jumping to other workspaces.

@mcol sounds interesting, I'll try to keep tabs on the project. I think it would feel really cool using it in any case


@Matter you can be sure i will post more as it develops :)

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