Anyone ever used twtxt? In many ways it is similar to mastodon and co.: a microblogging platform. But it has a "pull" approach to updates, much like RSS, rather than a nonstop stream of pushes between instances. Another big advantage is how simple it is, meaning it is very easy to self-host (especally compared to Mastodon).

@mcol I did, but I quickly realized I wasn’t interested in maintaining yet another feed.

@x Yeah, understandable. I'm wondering whether a mastodon (ActivityPub?) to twtxt relay might be useful, so that people who use twtxt can see mastodon and co.'s content and vice versa.

How did you find twtxt in terms of usability compared to mastodon?

@mcol I think it excels at usability. It’s literally a text file, truly decentralized.

I even wrote a simple bash “client” for it. Making a post is one command away. Well, maybe a few more to push it to your server…

@x That sounds really good, and very accessible for anyone with a server and a little bit of knowledge. Going to have to look a closer at this.

@mcol Ultimately—and unfortunately so—it appears that most users of twtxt were just checking it out; not much content generated after the initial few posts.

That said, the excellent folks at Merveilles (cc @neauoire), run a twtxt directory too: You might be able to find more active feeds on there.

@x oh wow these links are both very useful, thanks!

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