@stuts sup stranger how is October coming along

@mcol hey friend! October's going well, work-wise have some exciting projects to run with my lil team, personally it's keeping on keeping on, pandemic times are weird still, feels hard to do much besides work & chill 😅

How about you? How was the break from Big Bad Social Media™️?

@stuts ooh any project in particular that is interesting? Yeah tell me about... up here we have some pretty arbitrary rules for restaurants and bars so ironically everyone is getting crammed together into cafes lol. Very safe.

Yeah it has been good. I started using IRC a lot more for chatting with people so that's been nice, more chill than mastodon imo :) Other than that, work is stressful and busy as always

@mcol I do a lot of work with cloud HPC so various tools for analysing workloads against costs and things like that!

You're up in Scotland aren't you? The laws are so confusing at times with what we can/can't do across the UK so I'm mostly staying inside and virtually hanging with friends or having only a couple of them around my house. Trying to steer clear of Wetherspoons, they're almost perpetually packed!!

Sounds good man! I've been using matrix a lot more, even got some friends to join 😄

@stuts Ah nice, sounds fun.

Yep in Edinburgh. People here have been quite well behaved I'd say, fortunately. Currently all the pubs are closed thank god -- i hear some horror stories of some places like Manchester where everyone's given up with the distancing :p

Matrix is cool, i've been using it for video calls with a friend, works..... 80% of the time

@mcol glad to hear it's handled well up there! I go to the pub maybe once a month now just to feel like time is moving forward 😅 pubs or no pubs people down here still crowd the coffeeshops and high street so there's only so much that can be avoided...

Oh damn video calls work for you?! I'm self hosting for myself and some friends/family so think I need to get Jitsi setup if I want to do calls 😖

@stuts Calls do work partially, but I'm not self-hosting, just using and so is the person I'm calling. We did have issues when I was on a different server (the one), but moving the helped. Not sure if that's because it's a better server, or because it's the same we're using ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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