The weird thing about mastodon -- and tweeting and the like -- is that you're just throwing statements into the void

@mcol I have never really gotten into Twitter before, but it seems more true there than here. Here you at least can assume your posts will be seen on the local timeline 😃

@robby That is true. And here with instances (often) being thematic, it isn't as much "into the void" as it is "into the community of people with shared interests" 🙂

@mcol added to todo list:

* A CLI client for the mastodon named void with the following syntax:
echo "All your toots are belong to us" | void

@mcol Then here's the one-liner:

alias void="toot post"

it is an alias for the toot CLI

@meisam ooh yes clever solution, obvious in retrospect. I really ought to give toot a closer look and think about moving away from the big messy clients that I've bounced between.

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