Hetzner want a scan of my passport and idk how i feel about that

@mcol Is that a new thing? I don't remember doing that... But my memory is pretty bad

@matteoscordino Not sure, but it's possible that it only requests verification from some people and not others... though I'm not sure what was suspicious about my info!

@mcol Use a different hosting provider. I never had to do that anywhere else. And as far as I know such things are not required by law here in Germany. :)

@Ghosty yeah ive decided to try out netcup, but searching around and comparing VPS providers is a difficult job!

@mcol Netcup is decent! :)

But the whole hosting provider business is a big shit hole from my experience. Either you overpay or you get screwed over :(

I can’t wait until I get fibre internet so that I can host from my bedroom :D

@Ghosty Im glad to hear!

It's funny... I'm actually now moving to VPS after hosting from my bedroom for the past 6 months or so on a fibre connection. It's fast, for sure, but I'm doubtful of the stability and uptime. Hopefully you have a better experience :)

@mcol I hope so too! Right now my internet is terrible even for normal use. Copper is still the norm here, sadly.

I pay 40€ for 100Mbit/s down and 25Mbit/s up.
I get 20-50Mbit/s down and 10Mbit/s up usually.

@Ghosty interesting numbers... my fibre is only 50-60Mbps (paid for and received) so not far off in any case. That's the max for my building unfortunately

@mcol Honest maximus are better than dishonest and unrealistic speed offerings :)

@mcol same here! I think crossing out everything except your name works, but still... Have you tried netcup?

@ob Actually just ordered a server with them 30 mins ago! Unfortunately they need a human to check the details or something but so far so good :)

@mcol sounds good! I have found it hard to find any vps recommendations (I heard about netcup through nixnet affiliate links)

I am also not finding much information online about netcup, so I'm hessitant to move to them

@ob Just received an email from netcup asking for a photographic validation with a picture and an ID! Not happy with that. Guess i'll ask them what they'll do with the information if I gave it.

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