Is a keyboard wrist-rest good?

@mcol I don't think it would have moral agency, I would say most keyboard wrist-rests are neutral in the sense that they are neither evil nor good

@mcol of course I don't want to generalize, I'm sure there are some wrist-rests that try their best at being evil

@Matter well now we know whose arms are free of wrist-rest bites

Now that I've read this answer I just cannot vote for any of the simple yes/no options...

@mcol they are probably good for those folks who type with their wrists on the table.

@jetgirl i need to do some checking to see if i am one of these people

@mcol Some like them, others don't. As a full-time keyboard user I need them for my wrist to not hurt.

@hund i also use a keyboard and often wonder if im missing out on a nice comfort upgrade

@mcol You could try to find a towel and use that as a worst rest. It will be fairly soft, but it will give you an idea how it is.

@hund damn ok yeah that is a great idea and seems pretty obvious now that you've suggested it

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