I think Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom may be, with no exaggeration, the worst movie I have ever seen

@mcol Hard to argue with that. Though I don't know what other movies you've seen for comparison :)

@Mundon Oh I watch and have watched a lot of movies

@mcol @Mundon

I mean, the Dinosaurs looked pretty sick. Perhaps I have low standards, but I wanted to see a dinosaur movie and received just that. Everything else was terrible.

Arbitrary rating: 3.65/10
Not the worst movie ever, but will certainly watch the dinosaur bits again.

And another one called Splice?
I think these two are my bottom standards. Not that it can be compared between people, but if you haven't seen them, you might consider them as challengers ;)

@tfardet oh wow splice looks particularly disturbing but also shitty. i will definitely watch these.

Well, I guess you'll see for yourself ^^
Obviously everybody sees things differently, but for me, yeah, they're really bad, and not in a "you can watch them and have a good laugh" kind of way...

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