what self-hosted git servers do people use?

@mcol I've got a raspberry pi for my personal stuff. Just did `git init --bare` and haven't felt like I'm missing out by not having a web gui.

@tychi i like that setup and use it for a few private repos, but I like the idea of having some kind of public reference if not just to try to convince would-be employers I'm productive 😅

@mcol haha, yeah the public "see I can do the things I said I can do" can't be overlooked 😂

@mcol I'm using Gitea since a few months. Before that I had a cgit + gitolite setup.

@mmk2410 what made you move away from cgit + gitolite to gitea? I think Gitea looks the most attractive

@mcol I wanted something that has an interactive web interface.

@mmk2410 The interface of Gitea does look really nice, I have to admit

@mcol I don’t use the self hosted version personally but I like sourcehut

@Crocmagnon sourcehut does look really good, and it doesn't use javascript, right? Pretty sweet. Hows it been holding it?

@mcol yes that’s right, no JavaScript. Except on the payment page where they include Stripe’s.

I’m slowly moving to it, one new project at a time. I like the direction they’re going to: supporting free software.

IMHO it still lacks user friendly code review and the collaboration model is different from what we can see on GitLab or GitHub.

@mcol It mostly uses emails to communicate around patches which has the benefit of being well integrated into git and using battle tested tools but the drawback is that nobody knows how to send a patch via email with git nowadays (I learned it a few weeks ago myself).

@mcol It’s still advertised as an alpha product though, so I’m very curious about what will be coming next. We recently saw the project hub, linking source code, issue trackers and mailing lists. Now the integration needs to be polished.

I’m supporting them by purchasing to a monthly subscription which is not yet required but will be later.

@mcol Also, the founder/maintainer has a strong personality and strong opinions. Not everyone might like that, I don’t mind.

I’ll write a blog post later about my experience with sourcehut, I can mention you when publishing it here if you’re interested.

@Crocmagnon Yeah please do! This all sounds interesting. I checked out the website and I like what they are all about for sure. The email thing does worry me a bit - not because I'd not want to do it, but I wonder if it might decrease potential casual collaborators.

@mcol That's my concern too but since my projects don't often get outside help, I'm not that worried.

@mcol gitea is really nice, it also what is used by @codeberg and drone integration is really easy if you feel so inclined

@mcol I'm running GitLab; it is really nice but a bit much - Gitea is a more tame option (I used to run Gogs, which Gitea is a forked and improved version of).

@thor i had my worries with gitlab that it might be too big a beast. Gitea might be the way to go

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