A bit of toiling but now happily ticking along with Fedora 32 as my desktop OS.

Thoughts and Things:

- Giving KDE a go over Gnome was a great idea (KDE Connect is a cool little tool, too)

- TIL what Snap/Flatpaks are and am pleasantly surprised

- Steam's work on Linux gaming (along with all the FOSS community) looks incredibly promising (Rocket League on Linux despite them dropping Linux support? YES PLEASE)

- I may stop ironically saying "Year of the Linux Desktop"...


@stuts I've only had about 20% success rate of running steam games on linux, but that is a 20% improvement from not too long ago!

@mcol Agreed. And not having to bugger around with wine myself is glorious!

There's only a couple of non-Linux games I need to test (Civ V being the next one on the list).

I imagine as time goes on, and Proton becomes even smoother, we'll be seeing a much higher success rate!

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