Wrote a little blog post while I was playing around on the PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch.

@mcol an interesting read! Thinking of making the switch to non-android/Linux based mobile myself but looks like there are teething issues... Trying to find something reasonably compatible with my current phone isn't proving too useful either, maybe a pinephone is next!

@stuts Yep, there is definitely a bit more work to be done, but if Pine want to have a production release in March then maybe these issues will be ironed out incredibly quickly. And the PinePhone is cheap!

@mcol Wow! Just checked the price and that's incredibly affordable for the spec. It's definitely worth the investment and seems like a great community to be a part of... I'm sold!

@mcol Nice post, have you had a chance to try it for calls yet?

@soakingwet Yes! and no, it isn't working yet 😥 Some people seem to have gotten their SIM cards at least detected by the device, so there is a little fiddling left for detection and enabling of the network.

@mcol Good luck getting everything up and running! Have fun with it, I hope to join you soon ;-)

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