I like downloading my emails with POP3 so they aren't on some server, but it only downloads the inbox.

I'd like to move some email functionality onto my phone for while I'm on a trip, and have my POP3-ing laptop download even the sent and deleted folders when I get back.

Anyone know of any good small programs that can do the downloading, like mpop does for the inbox? Can this be achieved using an IMAP client like offlineimap?

@mcol Any IMAP client can do that. I would have just used an IMAP client on the phone, and then fired up the usual routine on the laptop later (purging the stuff on the server). offlineimap seems to be fully able to do what you say, since it seems to sync the folders, not just download+delete. (Never tried the program, just been an IMAP user since the protocol's infancy. :) )

@Steinar The issue with the usual routine is that POP3 is limited to the inbox, but I'd like the other folders downloaded too (and deleted from the server). I was under the impression IMAP was sync only (i.e. didn't delete from the server). Is this not the case?

@mcol @Steinar
If you do mail the old way:
Pop3 is only for incoming mail. Outgoing mail is handled by SMTP. Your mail server does not store mails you send by SMTP. So there is nothing to get. A folder for sent mail can only exist on the device where the mail is sent.
You could try always bc'ing outgoing mails to yourself if you want to stick to pop3.
With IMAP, things are different.

@rudolf I use IMAP on my phone, and its the emails sent using this that I'd like to later download onto my laptop (the device using pop), so with this setup (as I understand it) the sent mail (from the phone) should have synced up to the server. The limitation is that POP3 only cares about the inbox. The bc'ing idea could prove pretty useful... good idea

@mcol @rudolf I'd just put the the sent-mail folder for the mobile client on the server and download with IMAP from the laptop as well. As rudolf said, it simply is different with IMAP (from POP3).

@mcol IMAP can save to/delete from/read from arbitrary folders on the server, and quite a few other things as well. When you use an IMAP client, you often put all folders like sent, archived, etc on the server and access and maintain them remotely. E.g. the default setup for K-9 on Android is like that. So, if you want deletion, you get it, if you don't want it, you don't get it. :)

@Steinar OK great this definitely seems like the way to go then, thanks

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