I absolutely encourage all bloggers of all subjects and all areas of the web to curate a drip-feed of their favourite music so I can expand my music knowledge.

Who doesn't like telling people who never asked about your music likes?

@mcol Always love finding out about more areas in the music world!

What sort of stuff are you into? What kinda recommendations are you looking for?

@stuts It's always hard to answer the 'what music are you into' question but I gravitate toward math rock and more grungey stuff too. Something I'd like to get more into is following bands that are currently making music, so I can actually go to see them :P

@mcol Agreed! Can be difficult to get the ball rolling on music chat when there's just SO MUCH to choose from...

Cool genres 🤘 I'm a post-hardcore/metalcore kid myself so I mostly suffer from the opposite problem you're having. I struggle to listen to bands if they aren't currently releasing music/touring!

Have you heard of The Algorithm? Digital/mathcore electronic music inspired partially by The Dillinger Escape Plan. Great for working to!

@stuts Nice, thats pretty lucky. Great, thanks, I'll put them on today while I'm working and see how it goes :)

@alok99 Very slowly, bouncing sliding around recommendations on bandcmap or youtube, mostly. It's not particularly efficient unfortunately. Any advice?

@mcol I don't know if mine is any more efficient. I mostly decide on a genre, then either: 1. Listen to a radio station/playlist of that genre (and take notes of songs/artists) or 2. Go through related artists for ones I already like and randomly select an album to listen to. I use Google Play, but the same thing applies anywhere. I just make sure it's mostly instrumental as vocals tend to distract me

@alok99 Yeah, playlists are quite good actually. Similarly I find random compilations that people make on youtube quite useful. Definitely need to take notes or I lose potentially good artists!

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