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Wrote a cheeky post about ditching cgit and replacing it with stagit. cgit is cool and all, but stagit is light as can be for creating a web interface for your git repositories.

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A brilliant #climatechange video using #NSFW language 

The way that the Juice Media cuts through the bullshit to communicate complicated #climatechange policy in #Australia is very impressive.

Note - this video uses #NSFW language

Thinking of writing myself a shell, with putative name 'splash', where a big priority is making is super pretty. The main reason being to learn a new language.... but which language? πŸ€” haskell?

TIL that github has a dark mode setting and it aint bad

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The first release of my builder is near! It's like a static site builder, but for gopherholes! It's written in and uses the libraries I linked below.

Mustache for templating:

Commonmark for parsing Markdown:

maybe i should just call it Shizuku, that's a pretty cool name

Thinking of changing the name of my wayland compositor from deskwm (boring, overdone WM naming style) to something more fun. The general paradigm is that you have a big "desk" where you spread your windows out like you might do with papers on your desk.

Current idea: something to do with the anime girl from the lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to stream, i.e. Shizuku Tsukishima from Whisper of the Heart. She.... uses a desk.

The wayland compositor I'm writing has an infinite desktop, replacing workspaces with panning and zooming to get around

Been so silent here lately, as I've been sinking most of my time into writing a new wayland compositor πŸ˜€

I have not yet implemented the protocol that enables screenscaping, so no pics or videos yet, but soon to come!

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#Gemini browser #Kristall on #Pinephone running #mobian.

No changes to master from github. Nearly everything is usable (scrolling only using the scrollbar, settings dialog is to wide for the screen).

...and it is #fast.

Anyone ever used twtxt? In many ways it is similar to mastodon and co.: a microblogging platform. But it has a "pull" approach to updates, much like RSS, rather than a nonstop stream of pushes between instances. Another big advantage is how simple it is, meaning it is very easy to self-host (especally compared to Mastodon).

@stuts sup stranger how is October coming along

The weird thing about mastodon -- and tweeting and the like -- is that you're just throwing statements into the void

Taken a break from Mastodon the last month or so and my main conclusion was that actually it's great and i miss the community

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Is there a way to make a blog post that could be scrolled in a loop?

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