TIL Dunst has native Wayland support

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With the caveat that I fully know the firmware and ecosystem is nowhere near mature, after a week using one, I have three minor disappointments:

* Notifications don't work at all, paired with on a
*The music control app doesn't work either
* More importantly for me, the heart rate monitor is unreliable. It goes from zero to more than 200 (!) and any value in between, no matter the level of activity (or lack thereof) I'm doing.

Hoping for future improvements.

Finally finished the Applicatives chapter in the Book, which I actually found quite difficult. Now, onto Monads! ☠️

Daily muting lewd anime content from the federated timeline

More and more anti-vaxxers are appearing on the federated timeline. Which one of you fosstodoners followed some crazies?

I tried taking nice pics but my pinephone's camera is still terrible :blobcatsweat:

Akira vols. 1 & 2 came in the mail today, just finished the first.

So excited to read through all of them.

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It's sad that adding "λ" to Haskell as a special character was decided against gitlab.haskell.org/ghc/ghc/-/i

How does everyone feel about closed source SaaS products? Like, the code is running remotely so there is no security concern. They gotta make money somehow, and open sourcing their code is a huge risk.

400 pages into the Haskell Book and I can't put it down (digitally). Excited to use it. Might port my ZUI Wayland compositor to instead of using C.

Obviously one of the first things I change in my setup is putting a lambda as my GHCi prompt because I'm a basic bitch

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Disappointed that cloud #haskell never really panned out. Last update 3 years ago.

Though, to be honest, I realize that actual distributed haskell is a niche even within distributed haskell, most can do without.

I've been reading the book 'Haskell Progamming from First Principles', and as a first introduction to I can highly recommend it. Fantastic book, very easy to read, very easy to understand.

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What is Signal and Element doing with all the millions of millions of dollars?

Why does your clients cannot even remotely compete against Discord when you get so many money?

Can someone explain it to me like I am 5 years old?

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A fantastic article on Lisp, really helped me begin to understand the benefits of its approach to programming: defmacro.org/ramblings/lisp.ht

TIL about mastodon's advanced view - what an improvement

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