I just had the great idea to create a clipboard manager that uses a rofi interface...

turns out it's been done already, to a much better level than I likely could, and in haskell

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I didn't think a file manager could be fun until I used ranger.

It's refreshing when you click a link and precisely that URL is the link that is opened and not some redirect

I found this interesting program (github.com/realtho/PartyLoud) that generates random internet traffic by surfing the web with curl and "clicking" random links.

Would this really be useful? What about if your normal traffic was already through Tor?

Raspberry pi 4b: can it be a straight forward drop in replacement for a 3b that controls a whole load of GPIO pins or am I going to have to do a whole load of refactoring?

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Since I have no education in Linux, virtualisation or setting up web servers, my method of getting things working is just mashing things together then going through a series of trial and error attempts until it works.

For the past week or so I've been using shell and been loving it. If you've not heard of it, think shell and python had a baby shell. It is definitely worth checking out if you like python syntax

I wrote a blog post about my first impressions: mcol.xyz/notes/xonsh-shell-fir

Spoilers: its great and I'm gonna stick with it!

My blog is only like a month old so I'm still not happy with how it looks.

When can I expect to reach a steady state design and leave it for good??

In my month on mastodon I hadn't yet heard of Screenshot Sunday, until the surge of them today.

I'm a fan.

If you like tiling WMs and customisability I absolutely recommend

Hacking ease ✅
Fast ✅
Flexible ✅
Features ✅
Great devs ✅

Somebody created a cloudflare account with my email address and DNS settings for my domain. But why? Possibilities:

- random internet stranger wanted me to try it... but why? and why this way?

- Cloudflare wanted me to try it. Pretty presumptuous, rude, not a good start if this is some marketing scheme.


I've always been confused about how to boost stuff on mastodon.

Today I discovered the icon is just invisible.

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If systemd services are enabled by symlinking them into place... does that mean that backing up the symlinks is enough to back up which are enabled?

Packaging somebody else's stuff for the AUR, what is the protocol:

Ask permission to give them the chance to do it themselves?

or just do it, and submit a pull request to inform them and possibly add it to the readme?

I just uploaded my first AUR package

I am just imaging how much of a huge mess the AUR would be without the wiki

I sent a politely worded email to my DNS registrar after they blocked users... and now I can use their website again!

They also accidentally CC'd me in an internal email when they were discussing how to handle it, and they seemed like good people.

Now that I say that... maybe it wasn't an accident...

I'm getting a connection not secure error with www.ssl.com


-browser should have a setting where it looks for onion URLs in DNS records and connects to those instead for websites that do both

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