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sb () {
sed 's/.*/\L&/g; s/\(.\{1\}\)\(.\)/\1\U\2/g' <<< "$@"

temtem is absolutely amazing and it blows my mind that nintendo can be so bad a company as to not beat them to it

I just got my first spam email from another "blogger" suggesting I add a link in one of my posts to their advert-riddled website.

I feel validated!

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@mcol More importantly, who comes up with these lame slogans for ASUS?

In Search of Incredible
Republic of Gamers
Inspiring Innovation * Persistent Perfection
Rock Solid * Heart Touching
Rise Above The Battlefield


every time i put a video in a blog post my anxiety jumps as i worry about it breaking

New blog post in which I rice up my decryption password prompt during the boot process. Also here is a video of what it looks like.

I know, I know, it's only 5 seconds every day, but I want my install to be perfect.

I think Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom may be, with no exaggeration, the worst movie I have ever seen

How to test a new switch: stick a load under one hand!

featuring shitty £10 soldering iron

Swapping out some switches on my keeb for some cherry mx blues to give them a test drive

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the original, of course) is running perfectly on arch linux!

Bandcamp are donating their share of sales today to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund for juneteenth (TIL about )

.sexy is a totally underused domain

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No to .io, yes to .xyz

Post targeted at all the developers out there. Choose your wisely.

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Help me compile a list of FOSS holy wars!

We've got your:

* Vim vs. Emacs
* Strongly typed vs. weakly typed languages
* Brace positioning styles
* Indentation styles
* Filesystems (zfs vs. xfs vs. btrfs etc)
* Programming paradigms (OOP vs. Imperative vs. functional etc) is just a smooth interface with some creative marketing of "innovative" features, such as an inbox that can show you only unreads (oooh) and folders to organise what you need to reply to (ahhh). And all that for $99/year!!!

People acting as if big corps don't exist literally just to make money

After multiple hours I finally have gitea set up and styled. Getting it to run is one thing, and sure, it did that quickly and with relative ease. But changing anything about the default setup was a pain.

decided to set up a gitea instance for my personal projects. cc everyone who gave me helpful suggestions yesterday

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