I take back what I said about Kim's Convenience, it's actually brilliant

imagine investing yours into a kid and then it licks grocery store items during a pandemic

You know what would be the perfect way to spy on global citizens? Create Signal

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Screenshot Sonday, right?

Today I committed into Qtile a change that supports them sweet detached bars.

everybody increases their gaps before taking a screenshot

change my mind

react + electron, or gtk? These are all alien to me.

I should definitely make a FOSS desktop equivalent of that 7 minute workout app

all it took for me to start doing exercise regularly was a global pandemic

Kim's Convenience is some moreish garbage

As my laptop is a single (human) user system, I give programs I don't trust (steam, slack, teams) their own user and $HOME and access to my X session. Quick 'n' dirty permissions isolation that also enables UID-based firewall rules.

Decided to self-host my blog. Fuck it.

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I'm amazed but not totally surprised by how so much of purism's following had faded and looked more toward pine64 over the past year and a half

My Njalla VPS got corrupted and I have to rebuild. Pretty disappointed with that tbh.

It looks cool, but I'd prefer a solution that doesn't rely on a third party who want my money

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