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I wrote a bit about how I am self-hosting most of the applications that I now started to use on a daily basis.

My PhD programme involves a 3 month internship outside of academia. I will definitely be taking advantage of that to do a more professional programming project.

But where??? I need to come up with 3 ideas. So far: The Tor Project and the Mozilla Foundation.

My main want is to work with Python, and ideally FOSS and charity sector/general "goodness", though my experience with these things is limited to Python data analsis.

Any ideas?

They say they have had "several hundred thousand visitors in the past 45 days". Let's assume 300,000.

That's 6667 per day!

Then 1 in 93.17 means I am one of 72 today alone that look identical. That sounds pretty alright actually, ignore all caveats about their data not representing the general population.

man I really do wonder how the demographic of data points compares to the general population.

"one in 93.17 browsers have the same fingerprint as yours." sounds alright, but this is on the Tor Browser, and I really doubt that many people are using it

As I'm setting up my home music system with some raspberry pis I'm documenting the process.

Here is my first step on the way, setting up one pi server to stream music to others attached to speakers. The ultimate goal is to have each one fade in/out playback and enable/disable speaker power as I walk in/out of each room.

@mcol Reading all about RTP and pulseaudio is giving me a headache... it looks very much like having multiple devices play music in synchronicity will be difficult/impossible while maintaining the integrity of my wifi

I've always dreamed of being able to walk around my house and my music follow me around.

So I've decided to actually (attempt to) set that up!

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New post

Goods and Services: In which I talk about saving money by “hosting it myself”, on shared hosting.

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@mcol Don't get me wrong, matlab has its strengths. The primary one being user-friendliness and shallow learning curve for people who have never even seen code before. And dealing with matricies are nicer than numpy, in my limited numpy experience

As someone who has spent the past 2 years using MATLAB at work and loving it, the more I learn Python the more I am pissed that I ever used MATLAB.

I just had the great idea to create a clipboard manager that uses a rofi interface...

turns out it's been done already, to a much better level than I likely could, and in haskell

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I didn't think a file manager could be fun until I used ranger.

It's refreshing when you click a link and precisely that URL is the link that is opened and not some redirect

I found this interesting program ( that generates random internet traffic by surfing the web with curl and "clicking" random links.

Would this really be useful? What about if your normal traffic was already through Tor?

Raspberry pi 4b: can it be a straight forward drop in replacement for a 3b that controls a whole load of GPIO pins or am I going to have to do a whole load of refactoring?

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Since I have no education in Linux, virtualisation or setting up web servers, my method of getting things working is just mashing things together then going through a series of trial and error attempts until it works.

For the past week or so I've been using shell and been loving it. If you've not heard of it, think shell and python had a baby shell. It is definitely worth checking out if you like python syntax

I wrote a blog post about my first impressions:

Spoilers: its great and I'm gonna stick with it!

My blog is only like a month old so I'm still not happy with how it looks.

When can I expect to reach a steady state design and leave it for good??

In my month on mastodon I hadn't yet heard of Screenshot Sunday, until the surge of them today.

I'm a fan.

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