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I'm in the market for a tablet. At this point, I'm torn between something like a Surface tablet that I can put Linux on or an tablet, prefably one that supoorts rooting so I can install a custom rom.

Does anyone have any advice on this?

Boosts appreciated πŸ˜€.

Sorry, Fitbit users. Based on Google’s history, you’re likely to either eventually lose your Fitbit’s functionality, or get your health and exercise data sucked up by the Google machine.

"Getting people to value privacy is like trying to get somebody raised on Burger King to value their heath. They won't know how important it is until they have that first stroke."

Possibly the best thing to come out of

A government has to full fill freedom of speech, not a social platform! Any platform can create it's own rules and ban users for not complying as simple as that..

It's not that you don't have "free speech", people/platform just don't wanna listen to your shit if you get banned.

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#Anbox on #Lomiri ?!? It is possible on our latest dev-build of @ManjaroLinuxARM for the #pinephone by @thepine64. Check out what our user paju1986 has to say about his experience so far in our forum:

Original tweet :

I didn't like Brave before, but today a friend told me about Brave's CEO. This is (imo) the definitive reason of why Brave shouldn't be used.

I didn't know that their CEO was the co-founder of Mozilla, that guy that was (and is) against same sex marriage and that's an antimasker, Brendan Eich.

If you're using Mastodon on a computer, did you know you can control it entirely through your keyboard?

βœ… Press "?" to see the complete list of keyboard shortcuts on Mastodon

(You can also bring this up by clicking on "Hotkeys" in the bottom left corner.)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #KeyboardShortcuts

If you have COMPLETED please let me know so I can add you to the hall of fame I'm adding to the site.

I need you name, URL and the month/year you completed it please.

Boosts appreciated.

Stop recommending Signal. Im not going to give you my phone number.

Replace your sms app with it. Use it only with people you would give your actual number to.

Use something else for your internet friends

Fun Fact: "The US will have more troops deployed in DC for the inauguration than it currently has stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined."

- Rachel Blevins
#TheFreeThoughtProject #TFTP

New account managed by several persons.
It will post news concerning #Fedilab #UntrackMe #TubeLab #OpenMultiMaps

I can’t believe that in [current year] basic features like [literally hardest problem to solve] isn’t fixed yet. Absolute laziness on the part of [massively underfunded open source org]

Time to tear myself away from the computer and try to sleep once more. :sad_lemon:​

If you are looking for a privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook Events, you might want to check out Mobilizon:

It's a free open source federated events platform, and is part of the Fediverse as it uses the ActivityPub protocol.

Because it's still new, it currently only federates between Mobilizon instances. You can't follow Mobilizon instances from Mastodon yet, however this is planned for the future.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Mobilizon #FacebookEvents #Alternatives

Google Analytics is the largest and one of the worst trackers. It's used even on sites that promote privacy, GNU/Linux, etc.

There are some free (as in freedom) and privacy-friendly alternatives:
- #Matomo -
- #Plausible -
- #Shynet -
- #Umami -
- #GoAccess -

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