I am new to and want to introduce myself. I recently moved from another instance. I am going through a really challenging time in my life, and I was impressed by the awesome community here.

I'm intrested in technology, , and . I also care a lot about .

I'm looking for other people to follow on this instance and elsewhere in the .

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@maxgot Great to have you here, I saw you before you seem like a cool guy :

@maxgot Welcome. Hope everything gets better for you soon.

@maxgot welcome! I'm glad you feel welcome here.

Also, I think @Tay0 has something to say...

Thanks @binyamin. @maxgot, you've moved from another instance so you probably already "know the ropes" on Mastodon. I have a habit of welcoming new people here and I'm gonna send you my standard noob greeting. If nothing else it will give you a link to the custom emojis. We're somewhat tame and a pretty friendly instance. Hope you like it here.

@Tay0 @binyamin Yeah, I have been on Mastodon for a little while, but all of the "welcome" material has still been very helpful.

@maxgot hey :) and welcome :) I hope you'll have a great time here :)

Nice to have you with us! New here? Start with following some tags and people! Go check out public stream on your server to find some. Keep adding more people and tags, you can always unfollow something you don't want later.

Also do share your own stuff - write posts, upload images and add relevant tags so similar-minded people can easily find it. Consider filling out your profile as well, no personal data required. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask, we are here to help.

Have fun on the network! :)

@maxgot Welcome to Fosstodon. Things are slow at first but as you find people with similar interests and follow them, others will follow you. Create your bio, add an avatar pic and some emojis to your name so others can learn more about you. If you haven't, sending out an introduction listing your interests will help.

The custom emoji list is here:

Also see Kev's most awesome blogpost about getting started here:

Good luck and have fun.

@sotolf @maxgot Yeah, it's been pretty busy with newcomers lately. I welcome that. Seems we're benefitting from whatsapp, fb, and birdsite destroying themselves.

@maxgot welcome Maxwell!! I'm sure you'll find great friends here

You chose wisely fosstodon is a great instance:)

@maxgot Welcome, Maxwell! It has been a really hard tine for me as well. But things are going to be better.

Stay well!

@maxgot Welcome to your favorite new instance! (lol, that's how I've felt about it when I first joined)

@maxgot Hello and welcome! The dicussion surrounding those topics you mentioned is usually unusually intelligent here, so hopefully you'll like this community! ^_^

@maxgot Welcome! Super happy to have you here!

Mental health is huge, and having a positive community around definitely helps

@maxgot foss, privacy and mental health. Is vore values in my life.

I am going to follow you :)

@maxgot Very much appreciate the emphasis on technology, , , and . For me...these are cross-cutting concerns as well.

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