Liberapay is a free open source alternative to Patreon. It allows people to make recurring donations to their favourite projects or people. You can follow at:

➑️ @Liberapay

The website is at

Liberapay itself is non-profit and supported by donations.

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Why doesn't Gnome have an always visable dock? What's the point of hiding it in the activities view?

Okay, Proxmox has a slight learning curve, but I've figured it out.

My biggest hurdle was adding a 2TB external SSD to it so I'd have enough space to actually add VMs. It's an old laptop, I knew there were going to be quirks.

I'm just finishing up spinning up a test Ubuntu Server and once that's done I'll start making real ones for me.

Got tired of waitig for the Dash to dock extention to get released for gnome 40 and built it from source, woking fine for now ,,,,...

WTF ... Mozilla had always running JavaScript inside PDFs disabled by default.

But now with FF 88 this option is ENABLED by default. Which means, if a PDF file contains JS it will run without any user interaction. What can possibly go wrong?

To disable this:

pdfjs.enableScripting --> false

# FF 78.10 ESR doesn't include this option and still blocks JS in PDFs by default. Just tested.

Magic Earth - Completely Free and Privacy Respecting Turn-by-turn navigation, OpenStreetMap, Crowd-Sourced Traffic, 3D maps, Satellite maps, Offline maps for iOS and Android


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Ah, the irony...

For the uninitiated: Metallica played a huge role in the fight for draconian music copyright laws.

Covid vaccine, inequality 

'A half-vaccinated world is like a swimming pool where only one end has a "no pissing" rule.'

Introducing the Fedora i3 Spin

"Fedora 34 features the brand new i3 Spin created by the Fedora i3 S.I.G. This new spin features the popular i3wm tiling window manager. This will appeal to both novices and advanced users who prefer not to use a mouse, touchpad, or other pointing device to interact with their environment. The Fedora i3 spin offers […]" #bot #opensource #Fedora

Access freenode using Matrix clients

"This article is a guide on how to register, identify and join freenode channels from Matrix clients using the Matrix IRC bridge." #bot #opensource #Fedora

Poll about Gnome 40 

If you have another reason, let us know. If it's an extension issue, which extension are you waiting on?

I like that most VPN services' selling point is to show you your own IP address like, "Oh no! Everyone can see this! You're DOOOOMED!" But it'll be OK if we just let Joe Bob's Discount VPN and Bait Shop have exclusive access to our Internet activity instead.

From NORMAL mode, to swap two characters type xp

Microsloth Windoze (n.):
Hackerism(s) for β€˜Microsoft Windows’. A thirty-two bit extension and graphical shell to a sixteen-bit patch to an eight-bit operating system originally coded for a four-bit microprocessor which was written by a two-bit company that can't stand one bit of competition.

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