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While the 1.13/14 update is still in progress, the 1.12-1.5 beta got two updates with several enhancements and fixes. Checkout beta.3 (and beta.2 for full changelog).

So, MC1.14 was released, time to update Vampirism to 1.13.
Might take a long time though, tons of changes required.
Slowly working though an awesome list compiled by


We have another brand new sponsor! Introducing the creator of one of the most amazing mods Vampirism 🧛! Check it out!


The Serverhas a reboot.

So feel free to join, and explore the new Server.
- Vampirism 1.5.0 beta


A huge thank you to:

It's been a year since 1.4 was released. Development hasn't been very fast, but if you have a look at the (non exhaustive) changelog (e.g. at curseforge), you will see a lot of changes

I think it is about time to wrap up 1.5 development:
Here is the first beta:
Enjoy new features and new bugs.
Shouldn't include game breaking bugs though.

So I decided to make a video on how the altar of infusion is currently working.

This is probably going to be a lot of fun on PVP servers, although it might need some tweaking for that. Let me know what you think

Not an April fool: and I finished the village rework (for now).
Factions can now capture villages in a big(ish) attack. Friendly village bring some benefits.
Grab the latest alpha here:

Not entirely sure if background image feature is very helpful :D

Maybe I should delete some old test worlds at some point :D

It has been a long time since the last one, but there is a new Vampirism alpha bringing an awesome new entity NPC actions system implemented by @thecheaterpaul. Should make fighting them a little bit more interesting

The official Vampirism server will probably stay down for some longer, but in the meantime you might want to checkout this server

RT @BlazingWulfy

Discord link to Vampires and Werewolves:



Playing . Is there any (by modded server? Thanks :)


Thanks for this awesome mod and sticker,


found a good place

To celebrate the 1 million download milestone, I have got a couple Vampirism stickers to give away.

Anyone interested DM me with their mailing adress.

Some random facts about Vamprism given the occasion:
- Single most downloaded version: 1.7.10-0.7.9 (last 1.7.10 version)
- More than 8 available languages
- 375 issues on Github
- Included in almost 400 modpacks on CurseForge
- Blood sucked since 2015: a lot

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