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You are now able to find the two winners of the level 15 challenge in the world

Thanks everyone for participating. I hope you enjoyed the game.

Congratulations to Emberball for winning the hunter prize! 🥳

But you still have a chance to become an advanced hunter. Just have to figure out the hunter way of things :)

We got a winner for the vampire side! Congratulations Kranzy 🥳

I just stumbled upon a difficult math problem. Maybe somebody can help me.
5 + x = 6

How do you like the new hunter axe model created by TheDoomSlayer btw?

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Already had to release version 1.5.2 due to a world breaking crash involving holy water #472.
Also includes a few other fixes/improvements

Kind of unfair that only players seem to be able to level up. Poor NPCs

1.14 is progressing rather quickly thx to ongoing effort.
But we will have a lot of things to rework, test and verify once we got it running

I feel like many modern day vampires lost their interest in fashion. Just can't take them serious if they run around in T-Shirts. Same goes for vampire hunter, haven't seen anyone dress up as fancy as Van Helsing in a long time.

Tweet a screenshot and DM a short description how you did it. Survival obviously

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Let's play a game, shall we? First to reach level 15 vampire (or hunter) will be featured as an advanced vampire (or hunter respectively). So vampires grab your cloaks, hunter put on your hats and try your best.

This is still 1.12 yet there is something unusual to spot here

Sorry for off topic:
If you haven't decided if/what you want to study after school, how about electrical engineering?
Exciting topics, great jobs and cool people (like me 😉)
Still not convinced? Check out this new music video by

Vampirism 1.5.1 is out.
Nothing big though
+ Updated translations
+ Fixed issue with weapon table and alchemical fire
+ Additional fixes

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