Things that are more fun than debugging:
Watching Vampire Baron - Battle Royale

Not exactly what I was going for, but it looks awesome ^^

Just to give you an idea of the scope of the Vampirism 1.14 update: I just spend more than 45 minutes solely to fix Soul Orb spawning on client side. #1.14

And for our fellow hunter friends there is something awesome included too.
Grab yourself some tasty garlic bread before it get's cold.

While updating to 1.14, Vampirism is also modernized to use the datapack system. For example you or other content creatures will be able to modify the skill trees to their own liking

You are now able to find the two winners of the level 15 challenge in the world

How do you like the new hunter axe model created by TheDoomSlayer btw?

This is still 1.12 yet there is something unusual to spot here

Still some crashes, some missing features and a ton of bugs. But it runs

So, MC1.14 was released, time to update Vampirism to 1.13.
Might take a long time though, tons of changes required.
Slowly working though an awesome list compiled by


We have another brand new sponsor! Introducing the creator of one of the most amazing mods Vampirism 🧛! Check it out!

Not entirely sure if background image feature is very helpful :D

Maybe I should delete some old test worlds at some point :D


Thanks for this awesome mod and sticker,


found a good place

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