Minor update for 1.16-1.8:
- Add lord title gender checkbox to appearance screen
- Rework coffin/medchair/tent break mechanism to align with vanilla
- Add vampire biome treasure map trade
- Add MCA reborn villager blood values
- Fix some log spam
- Fix blood exhaustion to use the correct config value

Beta release for MC 1.18.2: 1.18.2-1.8.2-beta.1
(requires Forge RB 40.1.0+)

Vampirism for 1.18.2 is almost ready. Just some more internal testing left to do.

Side fun fact: The probably last 1.18.1 version got the version number 1.8.1 by chance and the first 1.18.2 will likely be 1.8.2.

With a stable recommend build for Forge 1.18.1, I am confident enough to release 1.8.0 as stable for 1.18.1 as well. It is mostly on par with 1.16-1.8.6.
Of course MC 1.18.1 is already outdated as 1.18.2 was recently released and is already supported by Forge. However, the biome generation/selection process was modified again and it will take some time to properly update for that.

After more testing Vampirism 1.18 has been promoted to beta status. It appears to work reliable, but there still could be some hidden bugs and future Forge updates could break things temporarily.
The current beta requires Forge 39.0.59 or higher

Vampirism 1.18 utilizes the library mod TerraForged, if installed, to add the vampire forest to the overworld now. This improves compatiblity with other biome mods like Biomes o Plenty.
If it is not installed, Vampirism continues to manually add the biome to the overworld preset.

So, this account is alive again. Unfortunately, crossposting from/to Twitter is not really reliable so I have to dual post manually. I can't drop Twitter even though I prefer Mastodon because the Twitter audience is just much larger.

Hey @voxcpw@twitter.com,
sorry to bother you, but if you are working on Forge the next time, Could you have a look at this very simple PR github.com/MinecraftForge/Mine?
Should hopefully only take a minute unless you find some serious concerns
Thank you.

Two Forge PRs are holding back a beta release of 1.14 now. Unfortunately, the Forge team does not process them even though they seem to be alright.

Time for another 1.12 bugfix release. It has been more than a month since the last one ^^

Most significant change are the protection values provided by hunter armor. They were way stronger than intended.

Unfortunately, still no progress whatsoever on Forge sides of things. So 1.14 is still unfinished.
Furthermore, I am currently sick. So nothing else going on either

Things that are more fun than debugging:
Watching Vampire Baron - Battle Royale

Vampirism for 1.14 is getting closer to being feature complete. Mostly waiting for some Forge changes/PRs.

It's not yet recommended for your main world, but you can have a look or test things.

We had to revisit pretty much every single line of code. So it should be better than ever, but we probably introduced a lot of new bugs as well.

Not exactly what I was going for, but it looks awesome ^^

Vampirism Integrations has been updated to support MCA 6.
However, not all MCA villagers get the correct eye overlay, so some might look rather ugly. curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mo

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