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The open source community is not beholden to any corporate motivation or any company's bottom line.

Friendly reminder that Pulp (v3+) is awesome. If you're not familiar with it, or haven't looked at it in a while, go check it out. It's an awesome tool to manage content at scale.

It turns out @elastic doesn't understand how open source works.


BeagleV: The First Affordable RISC-V Computer Designed to Run Linux

I saw someone on Reddit use an old out of commission PlayStation 2 as their RaspberryPi 4 case and now I want to build Linux servers inside old game consoles for no reason.

Are there any mesh WiFi systems that actually work worth a crap in Bridge Mode

I've tried the Netgear Orbi and the AmpliFi HD and both leave a lot to be desired. Thinking about a LinkSys Velop next.

Suggestions welcome. 🙂

I love my @FirewallaLLC Gold so very much. It's 100% Open Source, built on Linux, has a fantastic UX that is clean and simple while providing plenty of advanced goodness, and is constantly getting new features. Highly recommend! 😁

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From Twitter

Impromptu @fedora New Year's Eve Party! The idea was so popular we're gonna use our events platform, but don't let that intimidate you — it's still low-key no-pressure fun. Sign up now and join us tomorrow! All are welcome!

#fedorasocialhour #fedoranyeparty

Where Fedora fits in the new Red Hat/CentOS Stream Linux world via @ZDNet & @sjvn

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